• L. Harrell, Incline Middle School, Incline Village, NV

    Incline Middle School Outdoor Education

    Incline Middle School would like to take our entire 8th grade class on a week long coastal camp located in the Marin Headlands area north of San Francisco. We would like ALL students to attend the camp and with 27% of our student population receiving free and reduced lunch, the $475 cost of the camp per student is out of reach for some families.
    Our school is located on the north shore of Lake Tahoe and some of our students have never been to the ocean or San Francisco. We would like to make this amazing trip a reality for ALL students.
    This trip will allow students to learn about marine life in a hands on learning environment. Students will be introduced to coastal and marine environments and explore human impacts on ocean and estuarine resources. Students will engage in exploration of coastal, lagoon, and rocky intertidal habitats.
    Students will also have a day to walk across the Golden Gate Bridge and explore China Town. They will also be able to ride the famed cable cars.

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  • T. Junior, Abraham Lincoln, Phoenix, AZ

    Classroom Technology

    Our teachers work hard to meet the needs of every student daily. Technology in the classroom would be a BIG benefit.
    We need document cameras for teachers so they may enhance instruction by projecting reading material, working through math problems, demonstrate how to revise/edit writing pieces, and students are able to present projects.
    Computers are an essential motivational tool to increase student reading comprehension. We are in need of student computers in 2nd grade. We use a reading incentive program at our school; not having a classroom computer makes it hard for students in these classes to participate. Oftentimes, students have limited access to computer use.
    The cost for a document cameras would be $158 and the cost of a student computer would be $873.98. The Items can be ordered and put into use this year. There are many teachers who can utilize a document camera.

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  • D. Merzweiler, Hayes and Wilson Middle Schools, Albuquerque, NM

    Community-Based Adapted Physcial Education

    This funding will benefit special needs students with cognitive, developmental and/or physical disabilities. Very involved students are in wheelchairs with various physical limitations and others with various syndromes and genetic disorders. The activities offered in the community will allow the students to receive a well-rounded cross curricular Adapted Physical Education program. The lessons would complement classroom instruction and be a collaborative effort between Adapted Physical Education Teacher, Special Education classroom Teachers, Physical Therapist, school Nurse and Administration. The funding would pay for transportation and activity fees for bowling, swimming, low-ropes challenge course, putt-putt golf, zoo, aquarium, etc. The impact to the students would be for a lifetime by building self-esteem, confidence, community involvement and general physical fitness components. Other benefits would include application of math, literacy, science and lifetime functional skills

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  • J. Schwalm, Sonoran Sky Elementary, Glendale, AZ

    An Apple a Day With No More Delay

    As speaker Ken Williams says, "Schools need to be built for students to come learn." To say the least my kids enjoy, look forward to, LOVE technology. They cheer the days we get to go to the computer lab.
    My students need 6 iPad minis and 6 protective cases. The iPads will be used independently, in small groups, with intervention programs, and whole class. My class would also benefit with a class license to A-Z Headsprout Intervention Reading program to further utilize these iPads. By having Apple TV students will also be able to share group thinking at the touch of a button. Students learn best by learning from each other. In this day in age, students already have so much knowledge of how to use technology that using it as a tool to learn only makes sense. This technology will have a profound impact on student learning. Students will be motivated and feel confident to learn using this new technology and student growth would be imminent. Thank you for your time and consideration.

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  • S. Cravens, Abraham Lincoln Traditional School, Phoenix, AZ

    Headsprout for reading

    Reading is a fundamental skill, the most important and complex skill taught. I wish to buy 8 classroom licenses of Headsprout, and the headsets needed to utilize the program.
    While not a Title I School, ALTS has over 50% of students on free/reduced lunch. Our children need extra support for reading. Headsprout is an online program that automatically adapts to the specific learning needs of each student. It addresses phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, and basic vocabulary as well as the four main components of comprehension: finding facts, making inferences, identifying themes, and learning vocabulary in context.
    By utilizing this computer-based program, students will be able to work at their level. Headsprout is computerized so students are motivated, and they can log on at school or home. This program is one way for ESL, emerging/struggling readers, and special education learners to build phonemic awareness, vocabulary skills, and improve reading comprehension.

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  • K. Od'Donnell, Bonner Elementary, Las Vegas, NV

    i-Ready for 1st Graders

    I would love to have the program I-Ready for my 35 students. I-Ready is a Diagnostic and Instruction program for Reading and Math. It is proven to be highly effective web based program with individualized online instruction built from the ground to address Common Core expectations and rigor. This program pinpoints student needs down to a sub-skill level and builds an engaging, individualized online instructional plan based on valid and reliable data. Teachers receive recommendations for teaching individualized students and small groups along with printable lesson plans to support individualized and small group blended learning as part of their reports. Students receive engaging, explicit, individualized online instruction targeted to their special needs. It is amazing program that takes the classroom to the next level. The cost of this for my class would be $2100. If you would like more information on the program you can go to www.i-ready.com/tour. Thank you for your time.

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  • C. Ruhl, Abraham Lincoln Traditional School, Phoenix, AZ

    Audio/Book Pack

    Reading is a fundamental skill. I wish to purchase audio books so children can check out books with audio to read along.
    While not a Title I School, we have over 50% of students on free/reduced lunch. Many parents work long hours or multiple jobs. Their children need extra school support for reading.
    Comprehension is improved when learning addresses multiple modalities. Neurological studies show that pairing images and print causes recognition to soar and recall rates are much higher.
    By checking out a Book pack from the library, a child will have both audio and a print copy of the book so they can read and listen. Book packs are the easiest way for emerging/struggling readers, special education learners, and ESL students to improve reading comprehension, vocabulary skills, and build phonemic awareness and fluency. Book packs bring together the simplicity of all-in-one audiobook and a print version to deliver a fun, educational read-along experience.

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  • L. Kendall, Grace Brethren Elementary School, Simi Valley, CA

    Gardening with Grace

    We have implemented a school garden to enhance our curriculum and to satisfy state standards in teaching. Our garden lets students explore gardening, along with exposing them and cultivating creative methods with vegetable, fruits, herbs, plants, flowers, and insect life. Our goal is to have an on going seasonal producing garden with a variety of opportunities to enhance learning with science, social studies, math, language arts and to see God's miracles and work. We would like to continue with enrichment in the garden by having an environment with meandering paths that consist of gravel, logs, stepping stones, and tunnel vines. Individual gardening areas that produce edible flowers and berries that can help children to think beyond the basics and understand the process before purchasing in their local market. Equipment that can provide areas of reflection and productivity. These funds would help us to expand our phase and create child-friendly gardening environment.

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  • C. Bartlett, Toby Johnson Middle School, Elk Grove, CA

    Technology in the Classroom

    I teach students with emotional disabilities in a self contained classroom. Our goal is to teach and support students in our classroom setting as well as those who are transitioning or have successfully transitioned into general education classes. Our program was moved to a new site this year, and we had to leave the technology components that I used for teaching behind as they belonged to that site. I am in need of an LCD projector, document camera, DVD/VCR combo, and speakers.
    These items are used in my daily teaching to emulate the curriculum delivery that students will experience in general education classrooms. It is imperative that I model similar curriculum delivery so students will be prepared to successfully acclimate to the general education learning environment. It is also imperative that our students have similar access to the technology that all students have access to.

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  • A. Freeman, Toby Johnson Middle School, Elk Grove, CA

    Technology To Support Collaboration

    We represent a group of professionals; special education teachers, counselors, and therapists that facilitate collaborative meetings for and with our students. These meetings are essential to the growth and development of our students to ensure students are receiving appropriate supports and services. We serve students from the general education setting, gifted and talented, and students that receive special education services. As our population grows, so does the need to use technology in our workplace. Technology has seemingly surpassed our current hardware, and we are in definite need of the appropriate systems to keep up with the technological requirements.
    We would like to purchase a laptop computer, LCD projection system, laser printer, and a conference phone to be used solely in our conference room. These items will be used during meetings to access database services on the internet, recording minutes during said meetings, and to encourage collaborative communication by al

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  • C. Flower, Pomaika'i , Kahului, HI

    iPad minis

    I am a Third Grade general education teacher working in a Deaf Ed and Special Ed inclusion class. I work whole heartedly in differentiating my instruction for my diverse group of students. Our class would greatly benefit having a set of iPad minis. We would use these during our small group learning time. The students be able to access the Internet to do their research projects, use educational programs to strengthen their phonics skills, language skills, and geography skills. At our school, they would have access to teacher/classroom websites where they can find links to appropriate Science and Social Studies materials. Having this exposure to technology will give them invaluable learning opportunities.

    Thank you,
    Courtney Flower
    3rd Grade Teacher
    Pomaika'i School
    Kahului, Hawaii

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  • C. Dill, Bonny View Elementry, Redding, CA

    Planting Dreams

    My dream is to have indoor garden in my classroom, where students can propagate and grow house plants and flowers. Out door gardens are great but it is hard to find a time in the schedule to manage their continuing care. My plan would allow students to not only have dedicated time to learn about and grow plants, but would also allow them opportunities to continually plant, water, prune, and care for them in their free classroom time.
    The grant money would buy portable green houses, plant lights, potting soil, planters, seeds, fertilizer etc. Part of the plants we grow would given away to nursing home, hospitals, and to other community outreach opportunities. The rest would be sold at an annual plant sale. Proceeds from the plant sale would help keep our indoor garden funded as a sustainable program in my classroom, any money left over would help us to buy exciting art supplies.
    Thank you for the opportunity ,
    Cathy Dill

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  • N. Salinas, Walnut Grove Int, West Covina, CA

    Sensory Integration Room

    Help children with Autism fund and supply a sensory integration room! We would greatly appreciate any grants or donations to meet the sensory needs for our children.
    I teach a class of middle school students with Autism and would love to offer them an area where they can have fun activities such as music, sand and water table. and swings. By providing these activities, the students would be able to calm down, center themselves, or become energized, depending upon the needs of the individual. The sensory area would also offer visual stimulation, auditory stimulation,and tactile stimulation.
    Children who have Autism benefit greatly not only academically, but mentally and socially from sensory input. We are expecting to see these children make great progress and achieve academic goals by providing them opportunities to stimulate their minds.

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  • R. Taylor, V. Sue Cleveland High School, Albuquerque, NM

    National Board Monetary Help

    I am trying to improve upon my teaching, as well as earn a a National Board Teaching Certification. This process takes about three years, and the cost totals about $2,500. This grant would tremendously help my family's personal finances because it will allow me to move up in my career without having to take out of our savings account meant for emergencies, future expenses, and our kids' educational opportunities.

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  • J. Jones, Modoc H.S., Alturas, CA

    New and Fresh Band Music

    As a music educator for over 30 years, I continue to want my students to not only be exposed to the classic band literature that I have in our music library from year's gone by, but to new literature being composed by some wonderful new composers. Modoc H.S. is a small rural high school with an enrollment just over 200 students in the northeast corner of CA. The desire to to increase our music library with new literature so that our students can learn and grow from some of the great pieces being composed over these last few years. With a band selection costing between $45 to $100 each, there is not much budget to help purchase music to enlarge the assortment of literature that I desire to expose our musician to in rehearsal and performances. Our small band has a membership of 9 to 15 on a regular basis and with the addition of new literature, we look forward to seeing those numbers increase.

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  • C. Babson, Lyon, Tacoma, WA

    I-Pads for Innovation

    My students are bright and curious. Many come from homes of poverty. Most of my students do not have access to computers at home. At school, we share one set of computers with four classrooms. This does not give students enough time to use computers on a daily basis. There are so many programs available on the i-pad to help students learn math and reading. Use of the internet is important to all students who need to research projects in science, social studies and writing. Your help can make a real difference to these students in need.
    I'd like to purchase a classroom set of i-pad minis for my students, but at this time would be happy with the ten that could be purchased with this grant! Please help us by giving us access to technology which will be useful to all of my students.

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  • J. Phillips, Coeur d'Alene High School, Coeur d'Alene, ID

    Bringing American Music to Life!

    I would like to infuse the music library at our school with a large amount of literature written in the last ten years by American composers. I teach at a four-year public school with a 100+ year-old music program. Some of our music is that old! There are many American composers writing great new music – I would love to be able to get it into the hands of our students. Please help us achieve this lofty goal! $2,500 would purchase approximately 40 pieces of music for concert band and string orchestra. The school budget does not allow for more than a few new pieces a year. A large influx of pieces would let us spend money on other things that we would normally not be able to do, like entering festivals and contests. Part of the fun of a high school music program is the travel. Help us keep American music alive and well in our community!

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  • M. Grant, Sunset Heights, Peoria, AZ

    Bringing the Future to our Students' FIngertips

    I would like to provide touch screen lap-tops to my middle school special education students to support their learning.
    Currently all the special education students on campus have to share 7 large laptops. They are not easily transported and take up a lot of space. When students need to use the laptops there are not enough for everyone to use at the same time.
    Middle school students are required to take a lot of notes throughout the day. The laptops would provide the students with the ability to use various programs to assist in note taking.
    Students are required to conduct research in all of their classes. With the lap tops they would have unlimited resources at their fingertips via the internet.
    Many of my students need support with organization of their assignments, presentations, and notes. All of these could be completed and stored in electronic folders.
    The possibilities would be endless once we put the technology in the hands of our future.

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  • M. Cook, Poway High School, Poway, CA

    Tuba's and Piccolo's oh my!

    Poway High School Marching Band is an award winning music ensemble in desperate need of new Tubas and other musical instruments. If we were to win the $2500 we would buy new instruments for the band and we would be so grateful. Thank you.

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  • S. Doyle, Thurgood Marshall, Chula Vista, CA

    Bringing American History to Life!

    5th grade focuses on American history. We feel very passionate about the young people today having a strong sense of pride in our nation's history. Too many kids are growing up without the foundational knowledge, and gratitude, for America's journey.

    Our idea infuses the history of the American Revolution with technology and performing arts. We dream of bringing history to life in song and acting, while integrating iMovie making. Students learn to film using a video camera, edit the footage with iPads and iMovie, and act in costume!

    In an end of the year school film festival, grades 4 and 5 will watch the final projects…front loading the upcoming history for 4th graders along with building anticipation for their turn next year. The 5th graders leave with a new sense of historical understanding of our nation's hard fought battle for freedom, and hopefully a passion to continue learning as the years follow…wanting to be part of the political process.

    Thank you!

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  • A. Muri, Canyon Creek School, Billings, MT

    Special Students with Special Needs

    This year is my first year in special education and I have a rather large case load. I took on a position that involves students kindergarten through 8th grade and we are limited in our resources for them. Within my classroom I have a high number of students with Autism and we do not have the funding to successfully build a curriculum or sensory room for them to be successful. I was blessed at my other school and received this grant to help build a curriculum for my kindergarten classroom in an under privileged school, and I'm hoping to be blessed again, so that I can keep building a program for my students to be successful. It is so important to me that they receive the tools and items to help them be successful and awarding this grant to be, would truly be an award for my students!

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  • L. Pendleton, Sacred Heart School, Valley Park, MO

    "Stream"lining Our Education

    To improve our existing technology, we recently made a big investment in our students by adding wireless internet in our 5th-8th grade classrooms! The addition of wireless allows our students to more efficiently utilize our school's existing laptops to access information and the school's network to work on projects when the computer lab is being used. Currently, we have donated laptops which do not have the capability to effectively perform the activities required by our curriculum. We are hoping to use this grant to purchase a set of 10 new HP Stream 13's for our classrooms. This year we have also added Microsoft 365 which allows students to save and share work in the cloud. By using cloud computing, students can access projects from anywhere with a wireless connection. Students can also easily share documents with partners and group members as well as teachers. The new laptops would enable more students to utilize technology every day as part of their learning experience.

    211 Votes
  • A. Henley, Dewey Public Schools, Dewey, OK

    #The Genius Hour for 1st - 8th graders

    The Genius Hour movement empowers students of all levels to explore their own passions. Following Google's lead (who allows employees 20% of their paid time to work on projects of their choosing), my students will work on something that interests them and their passion and productivity will increase. Following this structure, Google boasts that 50% of its projects were created during this "genius hour" time slot. Imagine a class where you CHOOSE whether you want to investigate cultures around the globe by following a guided Skype curriculum, develop computer programs through coding, learn graphic design by beginning your photoshop journey in elementary school, create education-based movies using green screen capabilities to share with other classrooms around the globe, solve everyday problems through designing on 3D printers. The purchase of two iMacs will allow my students to engage in all activities above and find their passion through everyday inquiry explorations.

    160 Votes
  • L. Dachs, Paragould Primary, Paragoud, AR


    Our school would greatly benefit by implementing an outdoor environmental lab. It will include a gazebo surrounded by planting beds that will feature garden plants and flowers. Adjoining walkways and an arbor area with fruit trees will also be featured. Plants that will attract butterflies, along with birdbaths, bird feeders and birdhouses will be dispersed throughout the landscape. An aquatic habitat is in the plans to be added at a later date. Students will be able to use this "hands-on" environment too learn about what nature encompasses and to enjoy using the outdoors for other learning experiences. Our mission is to provide an opportunity for our students to plant,care for plant beds and clean the outdoor environmental classroom. This project will help our school body developing pride in their school's environment and will help transfer this learning to their own home surroundings.

    156 Votes
  • L. Valentine, Alsup Elementary School, Commerce City, CO

    Peer Intervention Program for Students with Autism

    Our classroom, the "Language and Learning Lab", is a brand new program to our district this year which services students with autism. My students are such great kids who have not had much of an opportunity to interact in meaningful ways with their typically developing peers this year. The beginning of our school year was spent managing difficult behaviors, fostering academic skills and working on communication in the self- contained environment. Now that these building blocks have been solidified, I would like to get our whole school involved in helping my students work on the social skills aspect of autism. We have some wonderful peers in our school who would be great teachers for my students. With your support and votes, I would like to use this grant money to pilot an evidenced based peer mediated instruction and intervention program in our school. Please help me push my students out of their comfort zones and help them to be the best they can be. Thank you!

    130 Votes
  • H. Price, Grandview Elementary, Elk City, OK

    Ipads for Peer Tutoring

    As teachers it's our life passion to make sure all our students have the skills and knowledge to succeed in school as well as life. This is especially true to 5th grade teachers. With such an importance on state testing we can't afford to leave any student behind.

    Now imagine this. You are giving a lesson to your class. You see that light bulb of understanding for most of the students. But not all of them. What do you do?

    I have found that putting them into groups to discuss the lesson has great success. They help each other using their own "language" for that next level of understanding.

    With this grant I would get Ipads for the students to be used with peer tutoring and co planning with my fellow teachers.

    With this in place, students would be able to experience virtual labs and lessons, have group discussions, and learn more through what this great technology offers them.

    121 Votes
  • L. Potter, Benton Academy, Benton, MS

    Help Us LEGO Old Ideas!

    LEGO. A toy that millions of children have played with since 1932. A toy that allows you to build creations from your imagination. In today's world when so many toys have become electronic devices much of a child's imagination has been diminished. The only choice a child has is what the electronic device offers. Hands-on is what LEGO is all about and LEGO education pairs hands-on with electronics. Now, we have LEGO ROBOTICS! Students follow plans to create machines, then write programs to make the machines solve a mission, or problem. TA-DA! Attention-grabbing, hands-on activity combined with problem solving, math skills, teamwork, language usage, etc. – the skill sets being practiced go on and on! I would like to purchase LEGO Robotics kits for a mobile station that can be shared amongst our classes 5k-12th. We are a small rural school. Please be a visionary for our students and help them LEGO old ideas and move confidently through the 21st century! THANK YOU!

    108 Votes
  • J. Kujath, Kasson-Mantorville Elementary, Kasson, MN

    21st Century Learners in Kindergarten

    I have 19 kindergartners, all day, every day. I would like to use this money to purchase more mini iPads so that I have enough tablets in my class so that I have 2 kids per tablet. There are new apps being created every day and more and more of them allow for 2 students, or at this age, having 2 students per tablet, they can assist each other to get tasks completed. In particular there is an online journal app that can be utilized by the students and I can check their work via a tablet, as well as share their work with their parents. This app allows them to create videos, take still pictures, or draw. There are other interactive apps that will allow students to use their creativity to communicate to me their understanding of knowledge as well as apps that will make my students use their critical thinking skills to complete. This sort of technology, in the hands of young learners, increases their interest in learning. They see it as playing, when really they are learning.

    104 Votes
  • A. Carrera, Lamar Elementary, New Braunfels, TX

    Twinkle, Twinkle Reading Stars

    I teach Kindergarten and there are times my class is buddied up with 5th graders. I love that the bigger kids can read to them and by spring the little ones are reading to the big kids. Both parties love the relationships they build. I would love to take this to the next level. Reading and re-enacting! I want to make book story telling bins. In each bin, there would be the story and figurines, puppets that go with the story. So the big kid can read with 1-3 little ones. The big kids benefit from practicing fluency, accuracy, expression, punctuation, pace and comprehension. When the story is finished the smaller kids can use the props to re-tell and re-enact the story with the help of their bigger peers. Some bins I would love to have are classics: Three Little Pigs, Little Red Riding Hood, Goodnight Moon, The Hungry Caterpillar, etc.
    We could even take it to the next level by using our ipads to video tape these little "plays."It's a win-win for everyone!

    68 Votes
  • R. Denton, Sulphur Elementary School, Sulphur, OK

    Inspiring Creativity, Inspiring Greatness

    Teaching early literacy skills at a young age is vital for the future success of my students. I feel that my classroom is lacking in literacy manipulatives and supplies. If I were to win a grant from Farmers' Insurance, I would use it to vamp up my reading center. I would like to purchase a listening center for my classroom. This would include headphones, CD player, storage unit, books on CD, and comfy seating for my Pre-K students. Along with these items, I would like to purchase a fairy tales problem solving STEM kit which allows me to teach across the curriculum. Some other items I wish to purchase that would help foster early literacy skills are alphabet puppets (i.e. Aa is for alligator puppet), a word building puzzle, a storytelling lapboard and glove with pieces, and manipulatives to foster early writing skills. In addition, I am a firm believer in introducing my students to science at a young age. Therefore, I have a few science resources I would like to buy as well.

    68 Votes
  • T. Francis, Claremont Elementary, Claremore, OK

    We are "ALL" About Art!

    We are a newly established elementary art program (Kindergarten – 5th) in a school that has over 90% of the student population receiving free or reduced lunches. I want our students to experience art in its many forms and to develop the courage it takes to be creative. We are learning that we are "ALL" artists and that we all have different areas of interest in the arts. I want my students to learn to "think outside the box" and to be "risk takers". I want them to come to art excited about being given the freedom to experience and express their individual styles in a safe environment. To me, art is about expression, beauty, living in the moment, therapeutic, calming, and yet inspiring all rolled into one. I want to be able to provide our students an active art class that is engaged in hands-on opportunities every day. Please vote for our proposal and help provide much needed art supplies for our students!

    63 Votes
  • L. Rodriguez, United South High School, Laredo, TX

    Educating Tomorrow's Teachers for Any Profession

    Working with high school juniors and seniors I set the expectations that all of their projects, lesson plans, materials for their lessons and competitive projects are to look as if they are ready to enter college. The reason is that these students are on their way out and I want to ensure that whatever career path they choose, they believe they can achieve anything with hard work, determination, perseverance, and professionalism. Learning how to plan a presentation, create materials/activities for the presentation, and to deliver the presentation while engaging an audience is no easy task. I train students for a career in education, but in reality I am training them for any career as teaching is fundamental to all professions. We run out of materials quickly throughout the year and this grant would guarantee that my students will not be limited when creating the types of presentations we know the elementary students from our local feeder schools deserve.

    36 Votes
  • C. Smith, Notre Dame Catholic School, Wichita Falls, TX


    Recent research offers concrete evidence that investments in school libraries produce dividends in student achievement. The School Library Journal reported findings from studies that indicate students in schools that have relevant and comfortable libraries learn more, score higher on standardized tests and are more likely to lead productive and fulfilling adult lives. However, studies also show that students are less likely to spend time in the library if the environment is unwelcoming and sterile. A survey was conducted at Notre Dame in order to gather information in an effort to increase student patronage to the library. The results of the survey indicate that students find the library uninviting because of the outdated and institutionalized atmosphere. The library at Notre Dame Catholic Middle/High School was last updated in the mid-nineties making it necessary to modernize the area in order to enhance the interest of the students.

    24 Votes
  • S. Correia, Walnut Springs Elementary, New Braunfels, TX

    Exponential Potential!!

    Boy do I love these little second grade minds! They are the joy and laughter in my day, my reason for teaching the past 20 years. They love all things, especially the icky and the gooey, and their favorite thing to do is research, read, and listen to stories about the things they are interested in. The questions they ask are endless! We use iPads from our library to explore these things when we can, but OH what we would give if only we had a way to do this discovering in our classroom! I would love for the children to have a small set of classroom iPads that we could set up in a station where we could use the latest technology to "Google" the animal or insect or gooey things we are interested in. The children could create informative iMovies to share with the class using their research. The possibilities of creating these movies or powerpoint presentations to share what we know are exponential. The potential for my little learners to gain new vital knowledge is huge!

    20 Votes
  • C. Hohm-Whaley, Agape Montessori Christian Academy, Vicksburg, MS

    Summer is for Science

    Our school would like to offer a summer, science enrichment program with an emphasis in chemistry. We have found that there is a significant academic deficiency in basic chemistry knowledge in the population that we serve. Most of our students are from rural areas in which emphasis in learning from a familial perspective in the physical sciences is at a minimum. We have an annual Science Boot Camp every fall for our entire school to encourage interest in physical science. However, we would like to expand this program to offer opportunities for students in the summer as well. We are introducing basic chemistry concepts to children in the primary grades. Therefore, by the time our students take chemistry in high school, most of the concepts have already been introduced. If I was to receive this grant, I would use this money to purchase supplies for our summer enrichment program. We want to provide hands on activities to introduce chemistry concepts

    7 Votes
  • B. VanDelft, Macon Co. R-1 Middle School, Macon, MO

    ~Tweet, Like, Post, Share~

    My students today need opportunities to prepare them for college and career readiness. With technology in the classroom we can created a blended learning atmosphere where all students can work with the curriculum necessary to help them reach their fullest potential. ~Tweet, Like, Post, Share~ this title right here explains it all. Social networking is bigger than ever before and the world is connected to each other from the farthest places on the globe. By providing our students with iPads we are able to join the global community and learn more from other cultures and societies. My students would be able to use their iPads to collaborate with other students, research and communicate with other cultures, and share their work and portfolios with a global audience. My classroom will no longer be limited to paper, pencil and the physical atmosphere of the school but we can go above and beyond the limitations and expand our horizons with technology in every student's hands.

    6 Votes
  • B. Moss, Windsor High School, Windsor, MO

    Wheels for Wellness

    The Windsor High School Physical Education (PE) Department proposes to purchase Schwinn Mountain Bikes as well as helmets, bike locks, and maintenance items to equip the program with a lifetime activity unit of Bicycling. The town of Windsor, Missouri consists of the Katy Trail, city sidewalks, a track, and other options that are available for bicycling. By teaching every student in the PE program bicycle safety and the benefits of riding a bike, we hope to instill the opportunity for our students to use this activity to remain healthy in the future.

    5 Votes
  • M. Bienvenue, Memorial High School, Port Arhtur, TX

    Teaching Job Skills

    Special Ed students often lack the skills necessary to work. Our new program will help students learn, practice, and seek a job in the community. This new program has several different aspects that need to be considered and funded. One is getting the students out in the community with Community Based Instructions Trips which are trips taken by the students who are learning how to use the local transit system, therefore needing bus passes for the students. One work job that the students will be working on is shredding documents from the district, which requires several strong shredders. The shred paper will them be recycled into starter bricks, which requires the brick maker equipment. All these things can be purchased and our program can then start supporting itself. The initial startup of any program is hard on the budget. With the grant money we could get our program off to a great start.

    4 Votes
  • T. Luna, D. McRae Elementary, Fort Worth, TX

    Kindergarten Rocks

    I teach kindergarten in a low-income school. Most of my students do not attend pre-kindergarten and come to school not able to sing their ABC's or recognize them. The do not know how to write their name or count to 5. If I were to win this grant I would be able to buy hands-on material to help these children learn. I would buy magnetic letters, ink pads, literacy based puzzles, counting games, legos, prizes for positive behavior, books, and computer games such as ABCMouse.com. I believe that the way to end poverty is to educate our children. Kindergarten is the first chance I get to make a difference and build a solid foundation for these kids to become live-long successful learners. Thank you!

    3 Votes
  • J. Leal , Immanuel Christian School , El Paso, TX

    My young Picassos

    My name is Jessica and I am the elementary art teacher at Immanuel Christian School in El Paso, TX. I have the privilege to teach and work with about 155 students each day. We offer art class from the time they are in first grade all through sixth grade. I have very talented and creative students. They love to paint, color, and draw. They are always willing to try fun and creative ideas. Just to see them smile everyday as they work on their projects and the excitement they have to see the completed project is amazing. They are so eager to learn that every time they see me in the hallway they always want to know what project we will be working on!!! We are a 501c school and have a very tight budget to follow. My dream is for our students to have all the supplies they need for an entire school year. I do my best to recycle everything we have but with so many students it's amazing how fast supplies run out. It would be a blessing for our students to receive a grant.

    3 Votes
  • K. Burgan, Columbia Central, Steger, IL

    Climbing to Fitness

    I am writing this proposal in hopes to make fitness fun and adventurous. Our PE department would like to have a rock wall installed in our gym. Our students work hard in their fitness unit and we would like for them to have a variety of activities to choose from to improve in their fitness.
    The rock wall would be able to provide the students with the opportunity to build their upper body strength and balance in a new and exciting way!The rock wall will provide a challenge to the students and allow allow for accommodations for everyone's abilities.
    There are several ways to make the wall more challenging for students by purchasing and adding different things to the wall. Things like hula hoops and noodles can be incorporated with their climb to make it more challenging. With these attachments students can choose their own path, as they move across the wall and use problem solving skills.This climbing wall can also be used a cross curriculum with problem solving skills an d math.

    1576 Votes
  • K. Husarik, Parkview Elementary, Steger, IL

    Plant the Seeds of Knowledge

    The school district that I am very lucky to work for is a low-income district. Many students we teach do not always have all the supplies they need to make them successful. I would love the chance to purchase not only the essentials for my students' every day learning, but extra learning materials for the students to use as well. Our class lacks many wonderful educational manipulatives and hands-on materials that are out there and I would forever be grateful to get my students these. My team and I also work really hard to have great guided reading groups. This money would be nice to use for those groups to purchase differentiated reading materials, so that no matter what level a student is at they have the same opportunity to learn these crucial skills. I came across a quote that I though fits perfect for myself and my team; "Teacher's plant the seeds of knowledge that last a lifetime." Please help us plant these seeds!

    1520 Votes
  • A. Schaaf, Parkview, Steger, IL

    Reading is the Key

    With the earnings of the Thanks America's Teachers Grant, I plan to purchase a wide range of literacy materials to utilize in my classroom. These materials will reinforce word recognition and reading skills I am teaching. In addition to high interest books, I would like to purchase letter and word recognition games, flash cards, and manipulatives (such as letter tiles and rubber stamps) to assist my students in practicing their words. I would also like to purchase book bags so that my students have a pouch to carry their weekly books to and from school. A variety of listening centers and writing resources will be purchased. In addition, I would like to purchase a variety of leveled readers so that students of all levels will benefit. Finally, I would like to purchase different posters and teaching resources to reinforce the skills I am teaching in my classroom. I look forward to providing my students with the keys they need to become successful readers!

    1460 Votes
  • M. Lorenzatti, Parkview Elementary, Steger, IL

    Building Creative Kids

    I would like to tap into the popularity of LEGOs with the grant money. We already use LEGOs in my art room for the hands-on architecture link and creative thinking process, but I would like to take it a step further by purchasing a LEGO Education Curriculum. The kits include hands-on manipulatives and software which link this fun activity to STEM. Art is very closely related to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. The curriculums LEGO offers take the fun aspect of LEGOs and end up teaching problem-solving skills, which my students will need in the future. My students will enjoy taking this next step because it is a way of being hands-on and creative with a toy they already love, and I will love this tool because it will motivate them to think outside the box, thus preparing them for this competitive world of innovative thinking.

    1457 Votes
  • M. Smith, Spooner Elementary School, Spooner, WI

    Listen Up for Qwerty!

    Last year our students in third grade students were introduced to iPads. At that time there was room in the budget for these, which was amazing! These have been key in meeting students at their level. Our budget this year will not allow for extra items. Our first request is for headphones. Some are using earbuds that they purchased, while others are using headphones from years past, that are failing. These headphones would be used for math and reading extension activities. Next, we would like to ensure that every student has a keyboard. Currently we have 36 keyboards for 95 students. Keyboards are essential for helping us prepare for our completing writing projects, state assessments, and other designing projects on our iPads. The onscreen keyboard works, but makes project completion hard. This request would double our keyboard count. Both headphones and keyboards will meet a need that will reach right into my students' hearts and minds.

    878 Votes
  • J. Piskie, Spooner Elementary School, Spooner, WI

    iPads for Littles

    My students are eager learners and love our hands-on classroom. They learn best when they are able to work in small collaborative groups and work together to create their own understanding of concepts. I am constantly doing centers, group projects, and activities to help motivate them and keep them engaged. Given the world we live in today, most of my students are digital learners and love when we are able to implement technology into our lessons. At this time our district budget does not have extra room for iPads in kindergarten. I would love to be able to provide them with a more technology-based learning environment to better meet their individual needs and learning styles, as well as, cover needed skills. iPads are the perfect way to make learning fun for students. Furthermore, outside of the classroom, iPads will help prepare my students for the digital word we live in. They need to be exposed to technology as much as possible in order to prepare them for the real world.

    786 Votes
  • J. Kabat, Burns LSA, Hartford , CT

    Joining the 21st century!

    Supplies? Technology? Books? These are all things our school is lacking. We are a community school within a district that also has magnet schools. The difference between them is unbelievable, BUT instead of complaining and becoming frustrated I do something about it. I will not let my students go without. I find ways to supply my students with what magnet school students have.

    With this grant I will be able to add technology like ipads, books to our library and supplies to our classroom to keep us in the 21st century. All students have the right to an education AND I feel an equal education. Please vote for OUR students!

    628 Votes
  • J. Silvestro, C. Grant Grimshaw Elementary, LaFayette, NY

    Let's Get Our Head IN the Cloud!

    My second grade students have diverse learning styles and come from a variety of backgrounds, but they ALL enjoy using technology! At this time, we have one Chromebook in our classroom. This lack of technology limits the projects that I can complete with my class. The objective of this proposal is to purchase additional Chromebooks to move towards a 1:1 technology model.

    The Chromebooks will make it possible to easily differentiate student assignments based on learning style, interests, and ability level using online tools. This project will also support the 4 C's of 21st Century Learning: creativity, communication, collaboration, and critical thinking. Students will be able to create digital stories, online posters, video presentations, and blogs. The possibilities for online projects are endless!

    This Chromebook project will help my students to develop the skills that they must have as citizens of the 21st Century and prepare them for the future.

    610 Votes
  • J. Laubsch, Trinity Lutheran School, Elkhart, IN

    Wiggle, Tap - Active Minds in the 21st Century!

    Wiggle, wiggle, tap! Second Graders love to wiggle and to use technology. What better way is there to engage traditional seat work with new technology than by using a stability ball chair with an I-pad learning tablet? I would use this grant to purchase a class set (25) of chairs and as many I-pads as possible to engage my students in an active learning experience that strengthens the whole body.

    422 Votes
  • K. Holzweiss, Bay Shore Middle School, Bay Shore, NY

    SLIME - Students of Long Island Maker Expo

    I have had many people ask me "So what is this SLIME, Students of Long Island Maker Expo all about?" Take HGTV, DIY, Mythbusters, an art show, and a science fair, and roll them all up. The question really should be "What ISN'T It?" Bay Shore parents, students, teachers, and administrators have the opportunity to come together this year to be a part of a ground-breaking historical event for local school districts in New York.

    Some of the events that we plan to host are a student film festival, a Trash to Fashion show, and a cardboard challenge. We would also like to host make and take activities for students, as well as make and donate experiences such as making cards to send to soldiers and making baby blankets for Project Linus.

    Believing that our SLIME should be available for all students , we are planning not to charge admission for students of all ages to attend and participate. To learn more, please check out our website: slimemakerexpo.weebly.com.

    344 Votes
  • H. Hunt, Welleby Elementary School, Sunrise, FL

    Chrome Out Our Classroom

    "All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them." – Walt Disney. My dream is to have technology available in my classroom on a daily basis so I can provide the optimal learning environment for my students. This in turn will help make their dreams come true too! I am trying to get Chromebooks in my classroom to create a new and improved Technology center for the students. The students will use the resources in many different ways. We will use the Chromebooks in our top of the line tech center for projects, educational learning programs, literacy centers and the every day typing tasks. I would also like a few iPads to help the students in their math groups and will also be used for a variety of other projects. The kids will be able to record Book Trailers, Reader's Theater and use the educational apps in centers. The resources I am requesting will open up our learning opportunities in many ways! Help me Chrome Out Our Classroom and make dreams come true!

    319 Votes
  • M. Arrington, Madison County High School, Madison, VA

    Hanging out in the Gym

    I would like to install TRX Suspension trainers in our gym to implement some new 21st century style training that they can take beyond their high school years. These straps allow students to get a quality workout while having self selection of the the intensity of the exercise. They are based on physics and the angle of the body in relation to the ground which could lead to cross curricular lessons with the math department, specifically geometry where many students struggle understanding the information. Given that students get to self select the intensity one workout can be done by students of any ability level and result in positive self-esteem for a student who may have a negative self-image when it pertains to exercise. This could also turn into an after school activity so we continue to increase our students health and decrease the ongoing obesity epidemic in the U.S.

    302 Votes
  • T. Parker, Woodbridge High School, Woodbridge, NJ

    Woodbridge High School JROTC Grant Proposal

    Woodbridge High School JROTC is pleased to present this proposal for your review. The JROTC program's mission is to "Motivate Young People to be Better Citizens". We instill students in United States secondary educational institutions the value of citizenship, service to the United States, personal responsibility, and a sense of accomplishment. The focus of this proposal will provide access to uniforms, shoes, school desks and field trips to educational and historical museums. The uniforms will allow student/cadets to attend "Junior Cadet Leadership Challenge" event which promotes esprit de corps, teamwork, and self-confidence. It provides the cadets a competitive program in five mentally and physically challenging training events. At present, our JROTC program is new and has no resources to purchase uniforms, shoes, and school desks and other materials. Currently, the Army has reached its funding limit for JROTC programs which provides uniforms, instructional and other materials.

    263 Votes
  • B. Drumbore, Mt. Pleasant High School, Wilmington, DE

    Good VIBES!

    A vibraphone is a metal-keyed instrument similar to the more common marimba or xylophone. They are frequently heard in jazz, marching, and concert music.

    The vibraphone (or vibes as they're commonly known) we use for marching band is around 15 years old. Outside instruments take a lot of abuse between weather and being transported to and from football games, band competitions, parades, and the like. While they last for a long time, new instruments are expensive! A new set of vibes costs about $3900!

    We have a strong and dedicated band booster organization at our school, who has committed to contributing funding toward the instrument as well.

    My hope is that this grant for $2,500 plus $1,400 from our booster club will enable us to replace this much needed piece of equipment.

    245 Votes
  • S. Krause, Cherry Street Intermediate School, Kalkaska, MI

    Connecting to the World

    It is often said that we live in a society with the world at our fingertips. With the Internet, we have access to anywhere in the world. However, this is only true if you have a device that is able to connect to the Internet. I am hoping to connect my fifth grade students to the world through the use of Chromebooks. Ten Chromebooks will provide my students the opportunity to attend virtual field trips, to access the millions of educational resources on the Internet, and to learn the basic functions of computers. My students will be gaining invaluable practice in using technology to prepare for their future years in school as well as careers. I envision my students collaborating to work on projects, partaking in many online programs, and researching many of their own questions and curiosities. With a large portion of my students living below the poverty line, I feel a large responsibility to expose my students to technology since many students do not have it at home. Thank you!

    241 Votes
  • T. Wade, Welleby Elementary, Sunrise, FL

    Technology in Their Hands

    I am working towards the goal of getting "Technology in Their Hands" (at all times). If I can have a classroom rich with technology, and get one to one technology, the opportunities for my students will be endless. My students are currently limited on the amount of technology time they can have due to our limited resources. My students could learn the world of technology through research, creating presentations, virtual field trips etc…. My heart is set on always providing my students with the optimal learning environment because I know they deserve the best opportunities possible. Please help me make this a reality in my classroom by putting "Technology in Their Hands".

    237 Votes
  • S. Krause, Byron Center High School, Byron Center , MI

    The Best Books for the Best Students

    How does someone become a better athlete, musician, or cook? He practices the skills associated with the talent. The same goes for reading. If someone does not read, he will never become a better reader. When students get to high school, they often just stop reading. They don't enjoy it and find ways to avoid it in a traditional English class. After attending a handful of conferences, conducting some research, and putting a lot of thought into it, I have redesigned my curriculum to allow for more choice reading. Students select books that fit their interests and abilities. They typically spend 20-30 minutes a class period reading these books. The results have been amazing! They are actually reading! Unfortunately, I still have students waiting for certain books and requesting new books. I have one book that has a waiting list of 9 students (and I have 2 copies of it). This money would be used to build my classroom library that provides the best books for 120 9-10th grade students.

    197 Votes
  • L. Caravella, Memorial Middle School, Cedar Grove, NJ

    Mother's Day- Spa Day!

    We would like to hold a mother's day event to honor women who are currently residing in a local battered women's shelter. We want to make them feel good about themselves. Not only will the women benefit from it, the students involved will be inspired to take action. This project is needed so that victims of domestic violence can realize that they are worthy of love, happiness and confidence. An event like this can build their self-esteem and confidence and make them more willing to share their important stories. By teaching students the early signs of domestic violence, I hope that they will be inspired to help prevent women and families from going through this trauma. We will prepare treat bags for the women and make signs and posters for each station for this event. I would like to make this project a yearly event so middle schoolers can learn about domestic violence and ways that they can prevent it from happening to their loved ones. Check out Miss C's Kindness Group on Facebook.

    184 Votes
  • M. Lewis, Edgar Middle School, Metuchen, NJ

    'Connecting Through Computers'

    I am a Special Education Teacher/Reading Specialist. I teach 47 students over the course of a day. These students are struggling readers, struggling learners, and they need every tool possible to help them achieve their greatest potential.

    My proposal is to purchase lap top computers for my classroom, so my students can go beyond the text that they struggle to read. In order to comprehend, my students need to research, while they are reading, in order to make sense, more deeply comprehend, the concepts, ideas, events, they are reading about.

    In this day of high tech usage both in, and out of the classroom, my students need every advantage available to keep up with their peers. They are capable of achieving along with their peers, but they need to make 'connections' via computers, to be successful.

    This grant is for the success of students, the future of our community. Keeping up with current trends, making use of available resources, is essential to deepen knowledge ba

    178 Votes
  • A. Schuelke, Byron Center High School, Byron Center, MI

    The Impact of Early Parenting

    About 8 years ago, our school was able to purchase four Real Care babies. These babies have been used to give teens the opportunity to experience being a teen parent and a single parent. They learn how much time and energy an infant requires.

    One participant stated, "I never realized how much work it took to take care of a baby 24/7. I know I want to be much older, financially stable and have a partner who will help me before I have a baby."

    The four babies we purchased 8 years ago are beginning to have some technical problems. Fixing them is starting to use up too much of our department budget. The company who makes the babies has released the next generation of babies. They have added sensors to record how long the baby is left sitting unattended in it's car seat, the temperature around the baby and if it is safe, and whether the baby's clothing is changed. I would like to purchase four new babies so my students can continue to experience the impact of early parenting.

    107 Votes