• J. Truesdell, Edna Hill Middle School, Brentwood, CA

    Active Seating Creates Active Learners!

    Active seating leads to active learning! Sitting on Hokki stools instead of regular chairs will help my students stay engaged, since they must constantly make adjustments to remain balanced. This active seating has been shown to improve student focus while minimizing behavioral problems, as students will have a positive outlet for their energy. In addition, Hokki stools improve physical fitness by building core strength as students work on posture and balance during class.

    These Hokki stools will allow my kinesthetic learners to add physical activity into their work by allowing them to move while remaining seated. With these Hokki stools, students who struggle to stay focused will have the opportunity to move without distracting other students. Thank you for bringing this active seating to my active learners!

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  • W. York-Jones, West Woodland Elementary , SEATTLE, WA

    Infusing Art Into Everyday

    West Woodland is a school that is passionate about its students. We strive every day to reach each of our 540 kindergarten though fifth grade students and lead them through academic and social successes and challenges. We feel that to do this in a more organic and enriching way is to integrate and infuse arts into the curriculum. This is a massive undertaking, which we cannot do without help and time.

    In this tech driven city, math and science are well funded and made the priority, while the arts are left out. Fewer schools have art and music teachers because of funding and budget cuts. We can strengthen our science and math programs at West Woodland by using art to develop critical thinking skills, spatial reasoning, and problem solving. By funding us, the teachers of West Woodland, we would be able to bring the arts directly into our classrooms! Art is about process, exploring, and inspiration. We want to foster the future through creative and innovative kids!

    393 Votes
  • P. Wirth, Cabrillo Middle School, Santa Clara, CA

    National Board Certified Teacher

    In order to be successful, students need access to professional teachers who are the top in their field. One way of becoming the best possible teacher is performing the National Board Certified Teacher process. Students at my school have access to only one such teacher and I would like to double their odds by becoming the second National Board Certified Teacher at my school.
    The National Board process costs $1900 in fees. Teachers cannot succeed without a support network in place. I would like to use the remaining funds from the grant to access $600 worth of support through Stanford University and National University and to access professional development books to improve my teaching practice.

    328 Votes
  • M. Chavez, Raymond Gabaldon Elementary, Los Lunas, NM

    Learning Through an I Pad a Life Experience

    "The more you read the more things you will know. The more you learn the more places you'll go." My 5th graders need to read more so that they can learn to go to so many more places to reach their potential! My 5th grade students come from a wide variety of backgrounds and life experiences. Every student learns differently so, with just a few taps, I can customize my students' iPad with materials that fit their level and learning style. In order for this to happen I will need a set of classroom I-pads. Technology is such a great way to get students interested in learning. If I am given this opportunity my students won't just watch, listen, or read with i-pad — they will create with an I Pad and they will be able to create their learning environment. I will be able to facilitate the learning of my student's and help them create projects that they can share with younger students and the community. If award this grant I will be able to purchase I pads for my students

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  • S. Smothers, Madison Elementary School, Everett , WA

    CHOW: Children Eating Healthy Over the Weekend

    Madison Elementary is a Title I school; 78% of our students receive free or reduced lunch, and currently we have 38 children who are homeless or in temporary shelters. While these children are able to have breakfast and lunch during the school week, as Friday approaches, many are terrified as they are not sure if they will be able to eat over the weekend. It is unacceptable to us that any child go hungry, so a group of staff members and community volunteers have put together a program called C.H.O.W.; Children Eating Healthy Over the Weekend. This program involves backpacks that have $20-$25 worth of food supplies that are sent home with these students every Friday, so they and their siblings will have access to food over the weekend. Currently our funding is depleted, and we need support to keep this program alive. During the 2014-15 school year, we were able to send food home to feed 69 students every week. We would like to be able to continue this program and reach those in need.

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  • K. Lysen, Madison Elementary School, Everett, WA

    Drumming Together

    We began our life hearing our mother's constant heart beat. With a beat, we summon many people together and unite behind causes. The predictability of the beat is reassuring as well as functional. It is part of who we are as humans on this earth. Is that why so many of us find enjoyment in drumming?

    With the money from this grant, I plan to buy a variety of drums for my class. Not only are drums a good tool for teaching rhythm, but they help to develop the oneness of ensemble, of accomplishing something with others that is greater than anyone of us can do alone. Drumming ensembles foster listening to each other, making space for others in the music, working together, honoring each other by staying together on the common beat. In addition to drums, I want to purchase t-shirts that an ensemble can wear to performances.

    203 Votes
  • S. Grinage, Madison Elementary School, Everett, WA

    Read Naturally for Reading Success!

    Madison Elementary School has been using a program called Read Naturally for the past six years. It is a software program that is used with struggling readers to build fluency and comprehension skills. We use this program in all grades, and currently have about 75 students that use the program each day.
    Madison's Read Naturally software is outdated, and we have been having problems with error messages, update messages, and students getting bumped out of the program and having to start over with their session. This causes their session to be interrupted, and they often are not able to finish before their time is up. My proposal is to purchase the new online version of Read Naturally, called Read Naturally Live. Students would have access to the program anywhere in our school, rather than just our "Read Naturally room". The purchase of the new version,Read Naturally Live, would allow us to continue this effective reading intervention,and our student success in reading.

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  • L. Beckett, Madison Elementary, Everett, WA

    Reflex Math - Growing Math Fact Fluency

    Reflex Math is a unique online math fact fluency program for grades 2 and up. This program is research based on how the brain learns and written to adapt for student learning. Students need a balance in math skills between problem solving and automaticity with math facts. While students need to grow automaticity with math facts, it's often been a struggle and/or not engaging.
    I piloted this program at my school this year with select students in third, fourth, fifth grades and special education students. Another teacher piloted it with her second grade. The results were consistent; students LOVED it because it is game based and they see their growth in math facts. It also can be used at home. It builds student confidence while having fun learning. This is why I'd like to bring this program to our whole school. It's well developed, engaging and fun. It has embedded progress monitoring and milestone awards and incentives built in. Students love using Reflex Math!

    176 Votes
  • W. Kettler, Madison Elementary School, Everett, WA

    Changing our world...One Lego at a time!

    As the librarian and Lego Robotics coach of a high poverty school, I have first-hand knowledge of the positive impact extra-curricular activities have for our students. The Madison Lego Robotics club is in its second year of existence and presently serves 10 very excited and engaged students. We would love to expand our club to include more students but are in need of additional materials. The Farmers' grant would provide the needed software (site license), technology (laptop for mobility), and additional robotic kits to reach even more of our students. Watching our students learn and apply STEM skills (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) in a cooperative and creative manner has been extremely rewarding. We are looking forward to increasing the number of students who will learn and grow through the Madison Lego Robotics Team.

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  • S. Ortiz, Elk Grove Elementary, Elk Grove, CA

    Sensory for Success

    We all have calming techniques! Think of sitting on the beach and allowing sand to run through your fingers, or listening to water running. These are just a few things that bring calm. Children with learning disabilities need to calm in order to be successful. Children with Autism are able to calm and focus quickly when they fulfill these needs.
    As a special education inclusion teacher, my diverse students are able to calm and focus when their sensory needs are met. Items that include bouncing or using their core has shown to be the key to a happy day. These quick movements benefit my students as well as the classroom.
    My students can benefit from ball chairs, yoga balls, scooters, weighted balls, weighted vests and blankets, and many other sensory items.
    Each item will be used to preeemt explosive behaviors that disrupt learning of all students.
    Please give me the tools to bring calm to my well deserved students.

    138 Votes
  • N. Nowak, Del Sur Elementary, San Diego, CA

    STEM Days at Del Sur

    STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) is an integral part of my teaching day. Incredibly, 7 of 10 growing occupations over the next 10 years will be in the STEM field. Careers opportunities for my students are limitless! This is an exciting field of exploration and discovery, where critical thinking and innovation can emerge at a very young age.

    To further engage my students in STEM activities, I would like to purchase FOSS kits that can be used by my students to supplement grade level science standards and promote our STEM (Students Tackling Extraordinary Missions) Days at Del Sur. These kits are research-based and designed to provide meaningful science education while preparing students for life in the 21st century.

    This grant will provide direct experiences for primary students that include the importance of describing, sorting, and organizing observations about their environment. A partnership with Farmer's will allow critical thinking and learning to grow!

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  • T. Edwards, Alameda Middle School, Pocatello, ID

    Exploring Math Manipulatives: Hands on and Virtual

    My proposal for the "Farmers Insurance: Thank Americas Teachers Grant" is to purchase more manipulatives and IPads for my classroom. Manipulatives will help motivate students to explore math concepts and will also help to take the anxiety out of math. IPads are a very interactive tool that provide a fun, engaging, learning experience, and are great for virtual manipulatives. By utilizing these apps and resources available we can better engage the students as they learn to love exploring math.
    If I am able to obtain these recourse to use both hands on and virtual manipulatives, we can greatly increase the level of opportunity given to these children that otherwise would not have them. With these resources available, the common core standards, and my teaching and mentoring style, these children will have the ability to capitalize on their own learning experience through their own exploration of math.

    129 Votes
  • H. Gifford, Kennedy Elementary, Rexburg, ID

    More to Math

    We have been teaching Common Core math standards for two years and there is a heavy emphasis on teaching problem-solving by using models. We draw lots of pictures, use Cheerios, dry beans, marbles, etc. for math manipulatives. While these work, I think there is a better, more engaging way to teach math.

    I would like to use LEGO More to Math kits to teach and motivate my students to model and solve mathematical problems. There are 24 lessons that use LEGOS to teach math concepts. These lessons require the students to work together with a partner to not only solve a problem but to build a model to prove their solution.

    My students are highly-motivated by LEGOS and this will be a very engaging way to involve everyone and help them improve their math skills.

    113 Votes
  • P. Guthrie, Rocky Ridge Elementary School , Graham, WA

    Reading at The Ridge

    We are reading at the Ridge! At Rocky Ridge Elementary School we have started on a path to grow our reading skills, and our students have made amazing strides! Not only do our test scores show significant growth, but excitement fills the halls! Students eagerly share with all staff and visitors that they have met personal, class, and school-wide goals. Teachers beam with pride showing off their data. The urgency to continue our growth is palpable. We want to extend the programs that we have started and build on them even more. Unfortunately, since we are a high-poverty school, we are lacking the funds to provide the opportunities our students need and deserve. This "Thank America's Teachers" grant will be used to fund Accelerated Reader and STAR, which are computerized reading diagnostic and incentive programs. Additionally, money will be used to help provide celebratory reading rallies and recognition programs, as well as other incentives.

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  • J. Mouttet, Mesilla Valley Christian Schools, Las Cruces, NM

    Reaching for Research

    Research is an important part of learning and in today's environment students need online resources as much or more than print resources. Limited budget has prohibited our library from purchasing up-to-date reference materials and subscriptions to online resources for our students. We do have 6 Chromebooks and 5 older desktop computers for students to use but when a class comes to the library, it is not enough to go around. We do the best we can with the resources we have but would like to provide so much more for our students as we prepare them for college and the world after high school. If awarded this grant we hope to purchase an online subscription to World Book Encyclopedia and other up-to-date reference materials, both online and print as well as additional computers or tablets for student use. With these additional resources I would better be able to teach our students research skills as well as having more students able to access online information at the same time.

    99 Votes
  • R. Gonzales, Canyon Breeze Elementary, Avondale, AZ

    Leader In Me

    Our K-8 students at Canyon Breeze have the potential to become great lifelong leaders. We believe that by giving them the right tools and strategies, they can become leaders on our campus. Over the last few years, we have seen an increase in referrals and a lack of connectedness on our campus. We know we can become a better school if we shift our focus and instill leadership within each student. We hope to spark that change on our campus using the Leader in Me model. The Leader in Me focuses on the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. The Habits will support them in becoming more responsible, accountable, and proactive about their school and community. It will also provide them with skills they will utilize the rest of their life. At Canyon Breeze, we already have the Kids at Hope belief that all children are capable of success, no exceptions. The Leader In Me model takes this belief one step further by showing the students how to become successful leaders.

    96 Votes
  • E. Firsich, Edward Gonzales Elementary School, Alququerque, NM

    Lego Mindstorm

    The reason we are requesting the grant for the $2,500 is so that we can bring robotics and programing lessons to the students at our school. We feel it is a hands-on activity that will greatly motivate and benifit our students. And after attending several days of training, including The International Robotic Academy, and the RoboRave, it is our belief that the Lego Mindstorm EV3 kits and their software best fits our students and their abilities/needs.

    It is our goal, that when our students leave here and go onto middle school, they will have learned basic programing skills and to be able to command and control their robots to complete various challenges, such as those posed at the International Roborave.

    92 Votes
  • B. Ristig, Madison Elementary School, Everett, WA

    Do You Have a Pencil?

    Madison Elementary is a school with 78% Free and Reduced Lunch with 38 families who are either homeless, living in shelters or living with another family. Research shows that a student living in poverty can lose up to 3 months of academic growth over the summer months. I would like funding to purchase school supplies to send home with our students over the summer. These supplies would enable our students to practice necessary skills and return in the fall ready to learn!

    91 Votes
  • L. Wong, Clovis West High School/Buchanan High Sc, Clovis, CA

    Bring Diversity to my Community

    Being a Chinese teacher and the adviser of Chinese Club, I have always wanted to make students and the community aware of the rich cultural heritages in Chinese history. The true meaning of Chinese cultures are not only "eating Chinese food" or "watching Kung-Fu movies". Instead, Chinese traditions are embedded in and demonstrated through art forms or celebrations. Therefore, I have organized students to perform the "Lion Dance", "Ribbon Dance", "Tai-Chi Fan Dance" and "Umbrella Dance". My dancers were invited to perform at assistant living homes, school multi-cultural carnivals, district-wide cultural events….etc. In the past, I always had to ask "door-to-door" in Chinese families to borrow costumes and materials. These costumes and materials–Tai Chi Fans or the Lion Head, were either old, broken, or incomplete. This grant will allow my dancers to get the "authentic" costumes and materials needed for their performances, and create the best outcomes for the community.

    78 Votes
  • C. Swidecki, Louise Sandrini Elementary School, Bakersfield, CA

    Exergaming to Fight Childhood Obesity

    Imagine a physical education program where students are excited to be apart of, 100% engaged, and have learned a fitness skill they have accessibility to once the school hours have ended! Welcome to the world of Exergaming! Exergaming are video games that promote fitness! According to the ESA (Entertainment Software Associstion 4 out 5 households in the USA have gaming devices in their homes! Video games are the language of today, so use them to get students physical fit at school and home! I currently run 3 Exergaming programs at my school where I teach 2nd grade: 2nd grade physical education program, Just Dance Intramural Lunch Program, and the after school Presidential Fitness Program using Just Dance! I would love to expand these programs school wide, but we need more video game consoles and games! Exergaming can fight childhood obesity! I was obese! I lost 75 pounds, went down 10 sizes, and became a multi World Record Holder by Exergaming!

    77 Votes
  • L. Pickens, West Elementary, Billings, MT

    Little Locomotives need STEAM to Move Ahead

    I teach in a wonderful school, with great students, awesome parents, and a committed staff. The team created when these groups work together is largely unstoppable. We do however struggle to find the funds to purchase the tools needed for students to learn through the integration of STEAM-Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math. I would like to purchase materials to not only provide my students assess to technology, but also prepare them to be the scientists, engineers and artists of the future. The funds from this grant would be used to purchase devices (Chromebooks, I-pads), supplies for engineering tasks (LEGOS, wheels, straws, blocks), art supplies (paint, paper), and additional math tools (counters, games, task cards). Thank you for supporting my students and helping me to ensure they are prepared for the future.

    911 Votes
  • C. Ledbetter, Benton Academy, Benton, MS

    "The World At Our Fingertips"

    I am a fourth grade teacher at Benton Academy, Benton, Mississippi. We
    are a small rural school desperately in need of more technology. My
    proposal is to purchase a SMART Board for my classroom. A SMART Board
    would be a big benefit and would enable us to go beyond just using textbooks.
    I could meet the needs of different learning styles of students and am hoping
    to connect my fourth graders to the world through the use of a SMART board.
    We would be able to attend "virtual" field trips and have access to millions of educational resources. Most students today are digital learners and get excited when we are able to incorporate technology into our lessons. I would love to be able to provide them with a more technology-based learning environment to better meet their individual needs. We hear the phrase, "The world is at our fingertips." Now, we want to EXPERIENCE the world at our fingertips.

    503 Votes
  • S. Prescott, Benton Academy, Benton, MS

    460 Square Feet to 196,939,900 Square Miles!

    Teaching Kindergarten in a room that is 460 Square feet can be challenging at times, to say the least. I would love to be able to expand that space virtually with my students through the benefit of a SMART board. The estimated surface area of the earth is 196,939,900 square miles. I would like to bring that world to my classroom with technology. Living in a rural area and attending a small independent school, some of my students do not get to experience life past the small town in which we live. With a SMART board, I can channel experiences that they may never get otherwise to our classroom. With a SMART board, our regular learning time can become more interactive. We would not only see China, Africa, Australia, and even outer space through our books, but through virtual, interactive experiences. Please help my kindergarten students go from 460 square feet to 196,939,900 square miles.

    473 Votes
  • B. Horning, Kasson-Mantorville Elementary School, Kasson, MN

    Technology for Kindergarten

    My School District is committed to challenging and engaging all students. My School has always been a leader in technology. For example, our PLC has a technology sharing time monthly when we meet; this brings new ideas and ways to integrate technology into our classrooms. I would like to get 5 mini iPad's for my classroom to use for a variety of small group activities to enhance student learning and create an engaging, hands-on approach. With kindergarten going to all day, every day this past school year, it has brought on more opportunities for advanced learning in math and reading. By having these iPad's, it would allow me to increase student learning by differentiating instruction for all students. I can have a small group of students working independently on listening to reading, word work, reading online short stories or recording themselves reading. I can also use it as a station for math to practice the skills we are learning through our math curriculum's website and apps.

    365 Votes
  • N. Kinney, St. Elizabeth, Kansas City, MO

    Building a 1st Grade Multifunctioning iPad Lab

    This grant would offer the opportunity to create a purposeful and engaging iPad Lab. The Lab would consist of iPad Minis, keyboards for them, as well as a printer. The opportunities for the students to work with these tools would be used across the curriculum thoughout the day. The students will be able to use the equipment during writers workshop to research ideas as well as publish pieces of their writing. As they create these pieces of writing they will increase their writing, grammar, spelling, phonemic awareness and reading skills, as well as gain the satisfaction and confidence that comes from sharing published work . Throughout my experiences in first grade, students have shown an interest in creating books to share with our younger student body. The number of iPads would also make it possible for the students to explore topics in science and social studies within small groups. This techonology would make the ideas they generate a hands on reality.

    329 Votes
  • A. Floyd, Tobias Elementary School, Kyle, TX

    Readers Are Leaders!

    Second grade students are at an age where they are discovering the wonderful world of reading and the possibilities reading can have for them. This project will help improve the lives of my students by helping them with their oral reading fluency and their comprehension skills through new classroom library books and technology. As a new teacher, this project could help me to supply my classroom with valuable resources to help my students grow as readers. I believe a collection of new books and chapter book series can continue to reignite their passion for reading and develop a classroom of lifelong readers! This project will also give them more opportunities to listen to reading and access literacy-based applications on different devices. With more technology in the classroom we will be able to use the devices as an additional listening center and they will also be able to use it to access applications that can help with skills such as word recognition and reading comprehension.

    289 Votes
  • C. O'Neil, St. Francis Primary, Billings, MT

    Bringing the Real World into the Classroom

    I'm finishing up my 2nd year teaching in a primary classroom. I spent my 1st year teaching 2nd grade but moved to a new school this year to teach 1st grade which I've fallen in love with. The little minds I work with have such a desire to learn new things, it is incredible to be a part of their learning every day.

    It's my desire to use the money from this grant to capture these brilliant little minds with topics from the real world. I want to bring more science and social studies into the classroom through purchasing science kits, non-fiction book kits, and other tools. I want to help my students discover the excitement in learning about nature, animals, planets, presidents, historical events and people, and many other real-world topics. As a beginning teacher, I feel ill-equipped to dig deeper into my students' learning in these areas. I want to provide resources to explore and discover things they are interested in learning about.

    Please help make this dream a reality!

    275 Votes
  • G. Garcia, William J Clinton Elementary, Penitas, TX

    A dream

    I m a 5th grade teacher at William J Clinton Elem., located in Penitas, TX close to the border of Mexico; in the La Joya Independent School District. William J Clinton serves students whom come from very low social economic disadvantage status . We are located in the out side La Joya City limits. Our students come with many disadvantages. My students have family issues, economic problems, lack of public services such as a near library, parks, a museum, etc… Our students live in poverty . The life of my students is very different from those of more affluent families. Rick Villarreal's Farmers agency has helped me donating for my kids during Christmas, Thanks Giving and more. I want to be someone that helps my students become more educated, enrich their life, and this will help them change their future. . I wish I could take them to an aquarium co, to Corpus I would like to buy computers for the school and rent them so my students could work on investigations. I know if .

    263 Votes
  • T. Hile, Jefferson Elementary, Shawnee , OK

    30 Million Words

    30 million. Children raised in poverty start school having heard 30 million FEWER words than their higher socio-economic peers. Our school serves kids living in such poverty. Our goal is to create an environment that gives students the tools they need to acquire skills that would help them close the 30 million word gap. Our school district has recently adopted a phonics program to be used for small groups of students, but the district can't afford to purchase enough to be used for entire classes. We, as first grade teachers, know that every student needs access to this program. A solid phonics program is essential in ensuring success in beginning readers. The program is from Really Great Reading. We are asking for funds to purchase enough student kits so that every student can have their own kit, and fully benefit from this foundation building program. We want to give our students the tools to read, so they will have every possible opportunity to succeed!

    259 Votes
  • C. Nolan, Frederick Middle School, Frederick, OK

    Cuts Won't Stop Us

    Our school like every school in Oklahoma will face a huge cut in our budget for the next school year. Instead of waiting to see what happens, I want to ensure my students never miss a beat and not feel the effects in my classroom. We have steadily increased our usage of technology in Reading and Writing. My students love to have opportunities to read on devices or novels. I would love for more students to be impacted. We need more e-readers or iPads for students to access books, websites, or apps in our classroom.
    We will also have fewer supplies provided with the budget cut. Instead of asking parents, who are financially unable to give any more than they can, we would love to have new supplies for our classroom. Staples, paper clips, colored paper and pencil sharpeners may seem insignificant to others. They are an everyday need to us. Many times it's the small things that make an enormous difference in the life of a middle school student.

    252 Votes
  • M. Mugavin, Weaver Elementary, West Memphis, AR

    Cultivating Parent Involvement=Growth for Students

    In our Title One school in a low income area, it can be difficult to cultivate parent involvement. We currently have Parent/Teacher Conferences at the end of the first and third quarters as well as Math and Literacy Nights at least once a year. Student participation is encouraged at Math and LIteracy Nights with a prize. This proposal is to expand efforts and events to increase parent participation and involvement, One simple thing that would potentially increase attendance at events in the provision of food. Many of our students are dependent on the school provided breakfast and lunches. In that economic climate, the provision of a meal would be a significant enticement for families. Another proposed enticement is a bag of groceries for the first 20 families. Proposed additional events and services include access to the computer lab, workshops, family game nights , summer library hours and distributing books to attending families to build home libraries.

    233 Votes
  • J. Dinkel, Yukon Middle School, Yukon, OK

    Key(board)s to Success!

    I am creating a group piano class to complement my general music curriculum. Currently, I have 12 Casio keyboards available and I would like to purchase 3 more. I have need of 15 tables, 30 headphones, 15 tabletop music stands, surge protectors, extension cords, cable splitters, and group piano pedagogy/repertoire as well.

    Students in group piano classes can stimulate, energize, and learn from each other. Peers can serve as role models or motivators and help reach students with different learning styles. Studies have continued to show that students engaged in piano study are more motivated, had better school attendance and concentrated longer in other classes as well as improved their grades as a result of the added music instruction.

    Music making has a positive effect on general cognitive development, language development, reading-readiness, reading and verbal skills, abstract conceptual thinking, and reasoning. Also included is play improvisation and stress reduction.

    232 Votes
  • J. Griscom, Walnut Springs Elementary, New Braunfels, TX

    Apps and Websites and Technology...Oh My!

    Our district strives to keep our students on the cutting edge of education and technology, but there is only so much that can be done with the funds that are available. With a Farmer's Insurance Grant, I would love to bring technology to the forefront of my classroom. My students have access to some variety of applications through a set of iPads, but we currently do not have computers in my classroom. I would use the grant to purchase computers to set up learning stations in my room, preferably laptops due to space constraints. Additionally, I would love to add several paid apps to my student iPads to further increase their experience. Another tool I would love to add to my classroom is an iPad stand designed to turn my teacher iPad into a document camera for projection on my classroom whiteboard. These are designed by Copernicus and would turn my limited technology into a new world of learning for my students!

    222 Votes
  • E. Fries, Prairie Branch Elementary, Grain Valley, MO

    iDifferentiate with iPads

    This project is designed to provide kindergarten students with iPads to support the individual needs of emerging readers in the classroom. iPads applications will be used for practice and reinforcement of phonics and phonemic awareness skills. Books on iPads will support reading fluency, comprehension, and increase time on task during independent reading. This project will enhance students' thinking and learning in ways that are engaging and motivating. iPads provide immediate feedback, opportunities to correct mistakes, and to move forward to new academic challenges while tracking student learning. Students have the ability to continue to move forward with more challenging tasks as individual goals are met.

    195 Votes
  • J. Anderson, Kasson-Mantorville Elementary, Kasson, MN

    Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

    Greetings! I am a Kindergarten teacher in a rural community. I have been teaching for eighteen years. I have seen the pendulum swing from one extreme to another. As I have continued my love of learning and have embraced many changes, technology seems to keep getting better and better. I have read and have done some reading research and one of the components that is vital to become a good reader is fluency. Fluency is fast, accurate , expressive reading in which a person is able to focus on comprehension. There are many ways to practice fluency and reach the ultimate goal of comprehending what you read. For my young learners, one of the ways to practice is to listen to fluent reading. I would love to have Ipads so that my students could have stories read to them as they follow along. The words are highlighted to help the students track the text! I am hoping that my proposal is accepted and I can get some Ipads for my kindergarteners. Thank you for your time!

    186 Votes
  • H. Diercks, Kasson Mantorville Elementary School, Kasson, MN

    Flipping Math in First Grade

    I teach in a first grade classroom. My project involves teaching math with a flipped classroom approach but with a "twist". In a traditional flipped classroom, the teacher creates a video of him or herself teaching a lesson and asks the students to watch the video at home using a computer, iPad, phone, etc. The "twist" to my project will be that the video lessons will be watched in the classroom. The video lessons will be viewed in a math station at school on Chromebooks using lessons I have recorded following our math series. While these students are viewing the lessons, I will be working with another group of students teaching math lessons at their level. A third group of students will be engaged in math using iPads and the rest of the class will be utilizing math skills in math activities throughout the classroom. For the proposal I am asking for five Chromebooks and protective covers and cases along with four mini iPads with protective covers and cases.

    184 Votes
  • C. Lau, Kasson-Mantorville Elementary School, Kasson, MN

    Building A Better Future

    The motto in my classroom is "This is a risk-taking, mistake-making place." This truly something that my students live by each and every day. We chose to celebrate our mistakes by learning from them. I always tell my students that some of the most important lessons that we learn are the ones that we learn through our mistakes.

    Each student in my classroom is as unique as a snowflake. No two are alike, and that's what I love about teaching. Differences in students are wonderful, but can also be challenging. My goal is to help each student reach and exceed the goals we have set for the year. Students learn in many different ways, and right now, technology is a huge learning tool for my students. I would like to purchase mini iPads for our classroom so that all students can have the awesome opportunity to learn at their own level by using apps that meet their needs. Please support me in my endeavor to provide mini iPads for my students.

    180 Votes
  • C. Naylor, Kasson-Mantorville Elementary School, Kasson, MN

    iPads for the Future

    I teach 4th grade in a small rural SE Minnesota school that houses 800 students K-4. Technology is a critical skill for our student's to master in today's world. To help enhance my student's learning I would like to use this grant money to purchase iPads for my classroom. I will use the iPads to differentiate instruction, small group enrichment, and as an independent learning station. Student's are engaged while using iPads and their learning is enhanced without realizing it.
    Using this grant to purchase iPads for my classroom will help all of my students. Thank you for considering my proposal. Curtis Naylor

    178 Votes
  • B. Tri, Kasson Middle School, Kasson, MN

    The Haves and Have Nots

    My students thrive on use of technology in the classroom. I would like to eventually become a paperless classroom by using programs like Google Classroom. I have tried for the past year allowing students to use personal devices in the classroom due to limited access to a classroom set of IPADS. I have seen a complete divide between the "haves" and "have nots." Along with that, there is now pressure put on parents to figure out how to purchase expensive personal electronics at a young age. I am going to try and build my supply of IPADS in pieces. If I could win the $2500 grant, the opportunity to purchase about five IPADS with protective cases becomes a reality. This is a big step towards putting devices in the hands of all of my fifth graders. These IPADS would provide all of my students with the same quality of education. They are all deserve equal access to technology at school regardless of what parents can and cannot afford.

    177 Votes
  • R. Christensen, Kasson-Mantorville Elementary, Kasson, MN

    Creating Innovative 21st Century Learners

    Picture a classroom, students are in stations and the teacher is in a small group. Students are paired up, reading online curriculum and using Google Docs to compare the main characters in their story. Math students are using the IXL Math to reinforce and learn new skills at their own pace. This is made possible by Chromebooks in the classroom. My students would use a variety of sites and tools on these devices. Chromebooks are a tool that will foster lifelong learning, and create digit citizens for the 21st century. My students need 8 Chromebooks to help them achieve at their highest technological levels. This project will change the way students learn because it will change the way a lesson is presented and taught to them. What better incentive to foster higher level learning than a tool they are familiar with and use at home. When children are engaged in learning, the level of learning increases exponentially.

    160 Votes
  • S. Koenig, Columbia Central, Steger, IL

    Be Our Key to Success!

    I am a Fifth Grade Teacher at Columbia Central School. My classroom consists of 26 students of varying ability, interests, and learning styles. I want my students to have every resource possible to help them be successful in fifth grade and beyond. For this reason, I would like to purchase laptops for the classroom.

    Most of my students lack motivation to learn in a regular classroom, but they spark an interest when computers are involved in the learning process. My classroom needs to reflect their interest by putting a computer in their hands on a daily basis. The laptop will support learning and prepare my students for the 21st Century.

    Help me put this wonderful resource in the hands of my fifth graders so they can achieve and succeed in the 21st Century!

    2014 Votes
  • L. Wendt, Parkview School, Steger, IL

    Inventing Tomorrow

    "If we teach today as we taught yesterday, we rob our children of tomorrow." (John Dewey) I would like to use this grant to provide new technological resources in my third grade classroom to better prepare my students for the world of tomorrow. A majority of my students come from low income households. Exposing them to the latest technologies will help my students to become engaged in learning and ultimately competitive in an ever progressing world. I would love to be able to buy new iPads and educational apps for my classroom. Students could use these iPads to enhance their learning in both math and reading. It would also allow me to further differentiate instruction for each of my students. I would also love to be able to buy software or educational games for the Smart Board. In addition, I would like to purchase organizational resources and materials to help organize our classroom. If I am chosen, this grant would make a positive and significant difference to my students!

    1984 Votes
  • S. Doyle, Parkview School, Steger, IL

    Question, Research, Discovery, Write!

    My students are bright, eager, and full of ambition. They are excited learners! They have many questions about how the world around them works. Unfortunately, some of these questions are often left unanswered due to the limited availability of technology in our classroom that would enable them to conduct research to discover the answers.
    I think having an IPad station in the classroom with keyboards would be an ideal way to get the students excited and interested in researching topics.
    To help the students learn how to better organize their writing, I would love to have Smart Board software that the students could work with interactively. A lap top with the latest in desktop publishing software would enable the students to bring their projects to life.
    To become better thinkers, I always tell my students to "Question everything!" With the help of this grant, my students could get the answers to those questions!

    1846 Votes
  • L. Lagesse, Parkview School, Steger, IL

    Educating Minds and Hearts

    I am a Kindergarten teacher in Steger, Illinois. The district that I work for is a low-income district with limited resources for students and staff. Our district places a strong emphasis on Reading and my students would benefit from having a plethora of updated literacy based activities. I would love the opportunity to be able to purchase materials and supplies for my classroom that provide hands-on, quality learning experiences. In addition to hands-on activities, my students would thrive with new educational software for our SMARTBoard. I feel as though it is my responsibility to share with my kids my passion and love for learning. One of my education professors shared a quote that represents my style of teaching, "Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all. -Aristotle" Please help my kids get these necessary materials and increase their love for learning by voting for us!

    1840 Votes
  • M. Helsel, Parkview School, Steger, IL

    Increasing Learning Potential

    I currently teach Kindergarten in Steger, Illinois. I have a very diverse group of students each year, and planning quality instruction to meet the needs of all the learners in my classroom can be challenging. The abilities during a given year in my classroom range from students that have never seen or held a pencil before to students that have had 2 full years of full-day preschool and are reading near or above a 1st grade reading level. Small-group ability level instruction has been a focus of mine for the last few years, but classroom management and planning successful independent learning activities can be challenging with limited resources. Receiving grant money to purchase necessary supplies, materials and management tools would greatly increase the learning potential of my students. Please support my students by voting for them!

    1839 Votes
  • M. Hudak, Saukview School, Steger, IL

    Literary Rich Environment

    Students' exposure to different types of literature is important in their development as readers. I would like to purchase leveled novels and nonfiction texts for my classroom to use during guided reading/small group time. It is important to have a variety of books and text available to students. They become more engaged when they are reading about a topic that is of interest to them. I would like to be able to provide my students with a range of subject matter as well as a range of reading levels. It is important that students are reading a text that is at their instructional level. I want to be able to provide them with texts that are interesting as well as level appropriate. By winning this grant from Farmers Insurance, Thank Americas Teachers, I would be able to provide a rich literary environment for my students.

    1829 Votes
  • W. Moses, Parkview Elementary, Steger, IL

    Sporting equipment need

    I stress being healthy and doing healthy activities to my students. With that being said, I would like to purchase sporting equipment such as jump ropes, volleyballs, playground balls, basketballs, footballs, etc. to keep the students engaged in physical activity. I will use this equipment in the gym classes, after school sports and during their recess times.

    1825 Votes
  • H. Lopez, Parkview School, Steger, IL

    Technology Facilitator

    Steger School District has the unique opportunity to apply new technologies into the classroom with an instructional technology facilitator. But this facilitator needs equipment to effectively perform her job. She will be working with all K-1 grade students at the Primary Center, all 2-4 grade students and Intermediate Center and grades 5-8 at the Junior High. If we win the $2500, I plan on purchasing materials such as handheld quizzing devices, smart board interactive software, interactive motion device, etc. that will be used throughout the district. Please vote for us!

    1799 Votes
  • J. Peters, Parkview School, Steger, IL

    It's Magic

    I work in a low-income school in the South Chicago Suburbs. Our children lack much needed reading manipulatives and books to just take home and read. Some students tell me they don't have books at home. I would like to foster a love of reading in my students by purchasing literacy materials that are differentiated for each child. I will be helping classroom teachers enhance their students' learning by being an extra resource for new materials and strategies. I would love to give our fantastic teachers and their children great things from my "toolbox" that would help struggling readers, build up those who aren't that interested in reading yet, and transport those who love to read to new places. Students need a variety of books, fiction and non-fiction, that would teach them to LOVE reading.
    Steven King once said, "Books are a uniquely portable magic" I am hopeful that this grant will help me put some "Magic" into the hands of little ones.

    1761 Votes
  • B. Pickel, Parkview School, Steger, IL

    Our Life Revolves Around Reading

    Our Life Revolves Around Reading
    I have been in first grade for many years now. Through the years there have been many wonderful programs, manipulatives, and technology that have changed. Trying to keep up with these changes can be costly!
    With the earnings of the Thanks America's Teachers Grant, I plan to purchase a wide range of literacy materials to utilize in my classroom. These materials will reinforce word recognition and reading skills I am teaching. In addition to high interest books, I would like to purchase programs for the Smartboard. Letter and word recognition games, flash cards, and manipulatives (such as letter tiles and rubber stamps) to assist my students in practicing their words would also benefit the students in learning. In addition, I would purchase a variety of listening centers and writing resources. I would also like to purchase a variety of leveled readers so that students of all levels will benefit. I look forward to providing my students with the key

    1701 Votes
  • S. Andrews, Parkview School, Steger, IL

    Give My Students a Chance

    I teach third grade in an economically depressed area. I've had students come to school with no socks in the dead of winter; they're then freezing all day long. Some don't even have winter coats. Instead, they have dirty, stained sweatshirts. I have students who are late all the time because they say there is no alarm clock to be sure they're awake in time.

    I spend my own money on basic needs such as socks, winter coats and alarm clocks for my students every year; it would be great to have help through your grant. Along with many other teachers, my own money is also spent on bulletin board borders and sets, books for our classroom library, educational board games, flashcards, and many other various items I feel would benefit my students.

    Also, our district has shared "SmartBoards" where students can watch educational dvds and play educational games. I would love to purchase educational dvds and games with your generous grant money. These, of course, help make learning fun

    1698 Votes
  • A. Rodriguez, P.S 212, Brooklyn, NY

    Teaching Our Future Stars!

    I work at a title 1 school. It is my hope and dream to provide my children with an educational experience they will never forget by putting technology at their fingertips. Providing technology for my children will allow for a whole new world of opportunities. Incorporating the use of iPad technologies throughout our school day will support students in their learning and allow them to become more independent learners who take ownership of their learning. We currently have 4 iPads which 25 children take turns using. Children follow a schedule I created and rotate the iPads so that each child has an opportunity. Children complete tasks I create with various aps then get an opportunity to explore with the aps they like best. Something so simple- something that many schools already have – will bring a HUGE smile to the faces of my kindergarten children- Such a simple request, yet so out of reach right now. Please help me teach the children of our tomorrow the ways of the future!

    1434 Votes
  • S. Shell, Marsh Elementary, Michigan City, IN

    We Like to Move It, Move It!

    "Learning is an active process. We learn by doing." – Dale Carnegie. My students come from diverse backgrounds and bring a variety of experiences into the classroom. 88% of my students receive free breakfast and lunch. The National Student Clearinghouse Research Center states that poverty is the best predictor of college attendance and completion. Their research has also found a good education is seldom available to children living in poverty, but the long term solution to poverty is a high-quality education.

    My students are amazing, creative, curious, and very inquisitive. I want to provide them with learning opportunities to foster these skills and collaborate with one another. This grant would allow me to purchase math and literacy games to increase engagement while promoting lively discussion. I would also be able to purchase Hokki Stools for my classroom. These stools help all students sustain focus by allowing them the freedom to continually move while sitting down.

    1238 Votes
  • T. Miller, Grimshaw, Syracuse, NY

    Getting Fit Bit by Bit!

    Imagine opening up the paper to find that your school district has been listed as #2 in the county for obesity. How does this happen? We need to help raise awareness and display good role modeling for the students. We need to help students stay active beyond PE class. Let's get students and staff members working together to create a healthy attitude and a positive environment to learn in. For this project I would like to get Fitbit bands for staff and students.
    What can the fitbit do for us? Students love to play games and have little competitions. We can set up a stepping relay. Students can graph the steps they take each day and make comparisons. Students will learn to collect, read and understand the data from the app. The information can be placed on a chart that can be used as a class discussion. With the fitbit students will be able to see what they are doing daily to be active. Let's start to get fit bit by bit.

    1191 Votes
  • L. Chapman, Grimshaw Elementary, LaFayette, NY

    Center Time

    As a Kindergarten teacher, I am looking to offer more opportunities to engage my students throughout the school day. To do this I am asking for supplies to run 4 different centers. I would like one center to have ipads for students to learn with ELA/ Math related apps. A second center would contain a listening station with several non-fiction and fiction stories. Our third center would contain educational games where the students could practice math and decoding skills. Our last center would have craft supplies for the students to use their imaginations to create an activity that corresponds with our Common Core themes. These centers will keep students motivated and allow them time to work independently and be involved in their own learning.

    1189 Votes
  • A. Amidon, Grimshaw Elementary, LaFayette, NY

    Do The Hokki!

    The students I have in my classroom are amazing and energetic. They all are curious and eager learners, but they love to move while they learn. The students in the class all have different learning styles. Some of them like to kneel, some sit, some stand and others just like to get up and move around after about 10 minutes of learning. There has got to be an invention out there for all students to have the opportunity to move while they are learning. Guess what? There is! They are called Hokki stools. We are fortunate enough to have a couple of these in our room and what a difference it has made for the few that have the opportunity to use them. The little bit of motion that these stools provide for the students helps to keep them focused and working. To fill the room with Hokki stools would give all students the chance to move all day long . Providing all students with the opportunity to move and learn is my goal. Let's Hokki away!!

    1170 Votes
  • K. Reardon, C. Grant Grimshaw Elementary, LaFayette , NY

    21St Century, Here We Come!

    Keeping elementary special education students up to date with 21st Century learning has been a difficult task with the lessening of state aid and school budgets. Google Chromebooks and iPads would make start-of-the-art technology accessible to my students in any location in my school. With Chromebooks special education students could travel from class to class and take their own notes instead of relying on an adult to provide them. With the iPads students would use educational apps to improve their reading and math skills including fluency, facts, and comprehension. This would give my special education students access to differentiated instruction in the regular, inclusive classroom setting. Use of these materials will better prepare students from a rural town for long term-success in life.

    1153 Votes
  • K. Kittinger, Tortuga Preserve Elementary, Lehigh Acres, FL

    Tools not Toys: iPads in the Classroom!

    I currently teach in a title one school, where the students do not have an opportunity to use technology at home on a daily basis. I would love to be able to provide this for my first graders with the use of iPads. We currently have a few iPads in the classroom, but we would love to be able to add more. Eventually I would love to be a 1:1 classrooms, furthering each students education.

    Not only do the students throughly enjoy using the iPads, they impress me on a daily basis with how much they learn from using them. The iPad provides an endless amount of learning tools for the students; including educational apps, movie making, and photography.

    This world is quickly becoming reliant on technology and giving the student a chance to become familiar at such a young age, will benefit them tremendously in the future.

    1065 Votes
  • M. Spucces, JHS 194, Whitestone, NY

    A Board to Engage Us All!

    In order to help make my lessons more interactive, I would love to have an ActivPanel Touch screen from Promethean. Our school is not a 1:1 technology school. Slowly, through Donors Choose projects I have been trying to get laptops into the classroom, and with funding, my principal has done her best to get technology into my classroom as well. However, as I try to reach my students, being able to have lessons that are interactive is important in order to engage their junior high school minds. I want to be able to have a collaborative room where students can come up to the board and edit a paragraph, or write down inspiration for their classmates. Students can explore apps they would like us to use in class, and the academic discussion will continue even after the lesson is over. Students could hold lessons to teach one another as they show off the skills they have learned. They will be able to maneuver the social media landscape competently, which will progress with them.

    998 Votes
  • L. Guilbee, Welleby Elementary, SUNRISE, FL

    Endless Opportunities

    In my classroom I would really like to have a State of the Art technology center. This center will allow my students to do what they love to do the most: read, learn, research, and explore. I'm hoping with this grant I'll be able to buy 9-10 Chrome Books that students will use not only to acquire knowledge but also to present their findings to their classmates, parents, and other students.

    Gifted/high achieving students have a special way of learning. They often take responsibility of their own learning, and they thrive on inquiry-based projects. Having these extra technology devices will allow my class to be College and Career ready , take ownership of their learning, and give them better opportunities when preparing them for rigorous learning that awaits them this year and years to come.

    923 Votes