• M. Cook, Poway High School, Poway, CA

    Tuba's and Piccolo's oh my!

    Poway High School Marching Band is an award winning music ensemble in desperate need of new Tubas and other musical instruments. If we were to win the $2500 we would buy new instruments for the band and we would be so grateful. Thank you.

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  • J. Woods, Mountain Institute JTED, Prescott, AZ

    Technology engages students

    Technology engages students. The course I teach – Education Professions – introduces students to the field of teaching throughout Yavapai County. Students gain a small snapshot of what is like to be educators. One of the many projects the students are asked to complete is to teach a lesson using technology. The need for my students to use and expose their students to technology is imperative. The great thing is with the grant monies, we will be able to purchase 6-7 iPads, my students will be able to use this innovative technology to over 600 students in Yavapai County. The digital native students that are currently learning in the classroom will have access to the newest and latest apps and be thoroughly engaged into the lessons that my students are teaching them. By having Mountain Institute JTED Education Professions students teach using the latest technology in their lesson will engage their learners.

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  • K. Walaszek, Cloves C. Campbell Sr. Elementary, phoenix, AZ

    Empty Canvas

    Ok. Everybody knows that teaching is hard work, and if you didn't know, then now you do. Let me be more specific; the first year of teaching students with mild to moderate special needs in a low income area is hard work. Yes, college helps prepare people to be the best teachers, but there are many other things that a degree has little use for after we are already in the classroom. I had no idea that my classroom was going to be completely empty (becides a chair and a dead cockroach) when I walked through the door that first day. It was kind of nice because it was like I had an empty canvas, but how was I suppose to know how to paint this canvas if I've never painted with these special brushes or worked with this different paint?! I was a little worried, but I pulled myself together and started to create my first ever classroom. I begged, borrowed, and stole ideas. But many things I have still don't meet the needs of my amazing students. They need more to succeed. They deserve more.

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  • D. Medina, Stanley Mosk ES, Winnetka, CA

    Technology for the 21st Century Learner

    I am a 4th grade teacher who works to include technology in my classroom. I am also working on my masters degree in Science and STEM education through California State University – Northridge.

    I strive to include technology multiple ways but do not have enough technology for all of my students. I would like to have additional I-pads in my classroom to increase student access to technology. I consistently have my students do research, on-line programs such as Accelerated Reader, and whole class web-based learning activities such as Nearpod. I view that students respond very positively to use of technology if it is in a structured and productive way. In addition, with the advent of the Smarter Balance Assessment , based on Common Core State Standards, it is extremely important for students to become comfortable in usage of technology, typing, and manipulating items on the electronic device.

    In addition, I consistently use Edmodo to communicate with my students.

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  • H. Jancoski, South Mountain High School, Phoenix, AZ

    Student Enterprise-Commercials for the Community

    My students in advanced broadcast class would like to create a student based enterprise where they offer commercial and graphic creating services for the community. The students would like to have materials that allow them to look professional and show case their work in a professional way. To do this they would need 1 updated Mac Book Pro laptop that would be able to display their presentations for clients on and have the most up to date video editing software. They would like printing services to print off business cards, letterhead with logo, invoice paper with logo, and other business paper needs. They would then feel more confident in the process to go into a community business and pitch them an idea for a commercial and hope to establish a partnership for continued work with.

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  • M. Barton, Sedona Red Rock High School, Sedona, AZ


    I teach Intro to Journalism, Desktop Publishing Yearbook and Desktop Publishing Newspaper to 9-12 graders and advise all three award-winning print publications Petroglyphs literary magazine, Quintessence yearbook and The Sting (newspaper) at Sedona Red Rock High School in Arizona. If I had $2,500 to enhance my teaching and motivate my staffs, I would divide it up in three areas:
    1. National Certification through Certified Journalism Educator (CJE) recognition (application fee, lodging, travel). This is available through the Journalism Educators Association to validate the credibility of journalism programs and recognize a teacher's commitment to journalistic training.
    2. Northern Arizona University JLS 104 Course on Associated Press Grammar & Style (5-week online class outlining writing techniques through standard journalistic styles).
    3. Staff Sweatshirts and T-shirts for group recognition — a boost for my staffs to share and encourage their efforts as a team.

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  • C. Klein, Pacific Christian School, Santa Maria, CA

    Reference Roundup

    With the Farmer's Insurance grant money I will build a reference library with a class set of dictionaries, a thesaurus, 2 new sets of encyclopedias, a world atlas, a Biblical concordance and dictionary, and a Dictionary of American Biographies. I would also like to get a current pull down world and U.S. Map as mine are outdated. Some may argue that students do not need a reference library in this computer age, but I would disagree! Being able to use guide words and indexes are important life skills. This will also give my students valuable practice alphabetizing. I have my third graders define a new word everyday and look up a location identifying it as a city, state, territory, province, country, or continent. At the beginning of the year it is difficult for them to research independently, but they quickly improve! I hope you will consider my proposal as you look at many good teachers with great ideas across our wonderful land!

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  • S. Pritchard, Washington Middle School, La Habra, CA

    Taking Roots, Branching Out, STEM is Our Future!

    Help over 300 students reach beyond themselves and help the community in the process! The STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) students learn the Magic of Electrons, Reverse Engineering, Flight and Space, Design and Modeling, Robotics and Coding and Rube Goldberg Creating. Using these project-based learning pathways, students use voice of choice, creativity, communication skills and collaborative critical thinking to best resolve real world problems posed to them.
    Implementation of the student plans connects with the current Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and the Common Core. All components of the STEM curriculum utilizes technology and an increase in the number of thumbdrives, 3D printer filament cartridges, SIM cards for the two current digital cameras, and two additional digital cameras will improve the efficiency in which all of these classes can utilize the limited, yet powerfully useful, technology components available at the school.

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  • T. Seefeld, Alki Elementary, Seattle, WA

    An old portable could use some new items!

    I teach 3rd grade in a very old portable. We need a new magnetic white board, a huge bulletin board, 3 book shelves and some Hokki Stools to sit on. Help us spruce up this old portable at Alki Elementary!

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  • M. Lyons, Oak Park Elementary, San Diego, CA

    Music for Children

    I am the music teacher at Oak Park Elementary. We are one of the most diverse schools in the country. Our students come from many different countries and speak over 30 different languages. Music is one subject that can reach all students in the school regardless of a student's background. If I win the grant I will use it to purchase new music books for all of my band students. In addition, the money would allow me to purchase music and curriculum supplies for the younger students that I teach. This money would directly impact the students by giving them the chance to experience the most up to date music education possible.

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  • J. Corona, Martin Luther King High School, Riverside, CA

    King High School Remembers

    King High School Remembers is a military veterans oral history project that brings veterans of America's
    20th and 21st Century conflicts together with 11th grade U.S. History students at Martin Luther King High School in Riverside, Calif. Last year, 298 veterans sat down with over 700 students and shared their stories; their opinions and their observations wit our students.

    The vets sit down with 2 to 3 students and for a hour and a half, the students get an eyewitness account of the various aspects of these veterans time before, during and after the military. The end result will be a biographical essay written by the students which is archived forever on the program's website-kinghighremembers.org.

    What this project does is bring together generations of America's to both share and to hear stories and information one would not get in lecture or from a textbook.

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  • C. Kofahl, Hutchinson Middle School, La Mirada, CA

    Achieving Personal Best in the 1-mile Run at Hutch

    Hutchinson Middle School is one of four schools in the state of California to have earned the 2013 "Exemplary Physical Activity and Nutrition Award" in conjunction with California Distinguished School award. Students at Hutchinson M.S. run a timed 1-mile course and complete a demanding fitness station program weekly to address standards. P. E. teachers may use a stopwatch to call out lap times to students as well as their final times. Our students would greatly benefit from being able to see their individual lap and final times using a large timer display. The electronic, large number, battery operated timing unit would be rolled out on a cart, and placed where students can see it. From the information on the timer, they can deduct their lap times, and figure out their pacing so they can adjust it. They can strive for better times because they know their previous personal best, and can endeavor to improve.
    The cost of two timers is $1200, plus shipping. I am seeking $1500.

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  • P. Lahaise, Sherman Oaks CES, Tarzana, CA

    Vocabulary With A Twist

    Flocabulary helps teach students SAT words by using them in Rap songs. The resources include the audio version of the songs, in addition to the written lyrics, along with practice exercises. Remember when you learned the ABC's by singing them? Well, it's that same concept, but with a modern twist; one that speaks to today's youth. I'd like to put a book in each of my 200 students.

    Maybe, possibly, vocabulary will become more real to them. Rather than just words and sentences they can see real world applications for these words. These rap songs bring obscure words and put them in focus for them.

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  • A. Duncan, `Imagine Bell Canyon, Phoenix, AZ

    New Technology

    Our school is in desperate need of updated technology. I believe that in order to "Be the Change" which is our school motto, a smart board is needed in every classroom. Students in this school are mostly low income and some of the only access to technology that they have is at school. If there were a smart board in every classroom students would be more engaged in lessons. This could be demonstrated by an increase in student data. I feel that because we have the ability in our school to reach a difficult population that we should do so through every mean possible.

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  • J. Weisenfeld, Pasco High School, Pasco, WA

    A Bright Idea for Powerful Living

    My proposal would involve building a portable solar panel demonstration cart. I'd like to mount a solar panel on a metal cart that has wheels on it. The wheels will allow me to take the cart outside on sunny days and do basic experiments. I will also have the cart in the classroom, so that we can talk about how the panel works, what the inverter is for and how a battery can be used to capture energy for future use. I would like to have a basic light bulb or phone charger in the system to make the connection that the sun and solar energy is a great renewable source of the power in our lives.

    Studies show that hands-on experiences are best. Schools in poverty lack basic resources and access to great demonstrations. I'm trying to build something here that will resonate with students now and into the future. I am trying to persuade students that renewable sources of energy are real and can have an incredible impact in their community.

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  • E. Scherr, Steve Schorr Elementary School, Las Vegas, NV

    Fifth Grade Makerspace

    I believe that learning should be hands-on. My students build, invent, program, create and most importantly, think about how what they are learning is applied to real life. My proposal is to create an even bigger makerspace in my classroom that will give students more hands-on experiences. For instance, we are currently building rockets to learn more about scale (fractions), space, physics and engineering. A group of students recently built a solar powered robot, while others build solar powered race cars to learn more about renewable energy, mathematics, gears and motors.

    This grant will allow my students even more opportunities as we look towards the future and using our new skills to have a greater postive impact on our community. Students have recently begun a design unit on building a Zen learning garden for our school. This will teach my students the power of having a lasting and postive impact upon their community.

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  • K. Baker, Stanley Mosk ES, Winnetka, CA

    Technology for the 21st Century Learner

    I am a 4th grade teacher who strives to incorporate technology in my classroom. I use a variety of web-based software including Accelerated Reader, Brainpop, and Nearpod. I have my students use technology for research and creation of their own presentations. I also use Edmodo to directly communicate with my students and assigned projects and lessons for school and at home.

    I do have some technology in my classroom but I wish to have more so that more students will have access. It is also extremely important with the advent of the Smarter Balance Assessments which are web-based. It is very important for students of today to have access to technology to be digital citizens of the 21st century.

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  • B. Peyton, Helen M. Smith ES, Las Vegas, NV

    Technology Rocks

    I love using some of the various educational websites in order to allow students to work at home and at school. Unfortunately, we can't spend most of our day on the computer. I would like to purchase tablets for students to use at home and at school. Some of my students don't have access to technology at home, and this would allow them to keep up.

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  • A. Fellows, Cal Aero Preserve Academy, Chino, CA

    Technology for Middle School Science Students

    I am a first year middle school science teacher, teaching 7th and 8th grade science. My students are 21st century learners and use technology in their every day lives. I would love to be able to provide technology for my students in the classroom such as iPads and laptops. iPads and laptops would be used for enhancing my students learning through virtual labs, engaging activities, and more information than you can imagine at their fingertips. The technology I would purchase would aid in my students communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity. Please help me help my students in providing them with the tools to be true 21st century learners!

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  • V. James, Serrano Intermediate School, Lake Forest, CA

    Technology Enables Learning for Special Needs Kids

    My Special Education students need laptops that enable them to access learning programs. Traditional materials do not work with children who cannot grasp a pencil but can use a switch to make selections. The portability, accessibility and adaptability of laptop computers are especially useful to my students who are confined to wheel chairs, are autistic, or present with a host of syndromes most have never heard of. Hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, pattern recognition, shapes, spatial relationships, socialization, letters, numbers, reading and writing apps give my students the chance to learn. Technology grabs their attention and motivates them to try harder. The interactive nature of computers provides multi-modal instruction that is visual, kinesthetic, and auditory. It can mean the difference between failing and being successful.

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  • T. Luna, D. McRae Elementary, Fort Worth, TX

    Kindergarten Rocks

    I teach kindergarten in a low-income school. Most of my students do not attend pre-kindergarten and come to school not able to sing their ABC's or recognize them. The do not know how to write their name or count to 5. If I were to win this grant I would be able to buy hands-on material to help these children learn. I would buy magnetic letters, ink pads, literacy based puzzles, counting games, legos, prizes for positive behavior, books, and computer games such as ABCMouse.com. I believe that the way to end poverty is to educate our children. Kindergarten is the first chance I get to make a difference and build a solid foundation for these kids to become live-long successful learners. Thank you!

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  • J. Leal , Immanuel Christian School , El Paso, TX

    My young Picassos

    My name is Jessica and I am the elementary art teacher at Immanuel Christian School in El Paso, TX. I have the privilege to teach and work with about 155 students each day. We offer art class from the time they are in first grade all through sixth grade. I have very talented and creative students. They love to paint, color, and draw. They are always willing to try fun and creative ideas. Just to see them smile everyday as they work on their projects and the excitement they have to see the completed project is amazing. They are so eager to learn that every time they see me in the hallway they always want to know what project we will be working on!!! We are a 501c school and have a very tight budget to follow. My dream is for our students to have all the supplies they need for an entire school year. I do my best to recycle everything we have but with so many students it's amazing how fast supplies run out. It would be a blessing for our students to receive a grant.

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  • P. White, Celia Clinton Elementary, Tulsa, OK

    Promotion to Remember!

    I teach 6th grade, the top grade level in our school. We have a promotion ceremony each year followed by cake and punch with parents; then students walk to the local Boy's and Girl's club for basketball and pizza.
    I would like to step up the post assembly celebration to a semi-formal luncheon for students and two guests. I hope to provide a buffet lunch, catered by a local business (we have a couple of community partners with restaurants) in addition to the cake and punch.
    This would be a first experience of this sort for most of my students, providing them one last learning opportunity before transitioning into middle/jr high.

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  • M. Singh, Pillsbury, Minneapolis, MN

    Three Dimensional Stories Come Alive!

    As a fourth grade teacher my students will use a 3D printer and design a story with life-size dioramas showing the beginning , middle , and end of their story that they have created. The classroom will turn into a three dimensional display. The entire classroom will change into a story setting incorporating twenty-seven 3D stories. They will paint the 3D characters and write the story text. The art work will have each student designing their section of the classroom. It will be a 3D story wonderland. This will require several mediums of art from the ceiling to the floor. The entire school community will have a n opportunity to see this great story art writing extravaganza. The characters will have the plastic 3D characters in the life-size dioramas with written text showing their story layout. The learning standards will incorporate the reading benchmarks.

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  • H. Menier, Duello Elementary, Lake St. Louis, MO

    smART Artists

    Quality art experiences with 3 dimensional materials allow students to explore, invent and experiment in unique ways. I would like to have a large variety of reusable 3D materials that can be used for students to create sculpture alone or in groups. Materials would include, but are not limited to…
    – Legos for creating architecture, sculpture in the round and abstract forms.
    – Wooden blocks to build a variety of sculpture where gravity become a factor without the aid of adhesives.
    – Foam forms to understand attributes of geometric forms.
    – Modeling clays for experimenting with organic forms.
    – Pentominos to have students creatively problem solve.
    Through manipulating these materials students will gain a better understanding of dimensions of length, width and height, how gravity effects objects, organic vs geometric form and construction techniques in engaging ways with kid friendly materials.

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  • A. Parker, Ben Franklin Elementary, Wichita Falls, TX

    The Sound of Music

    The hills would truly be alive with the sound of music if my program was to receive a $2500 grant! I would be able to provide many new instruments for students to experience. Music equipment is some of the most expensive school equipment out there, because it is largely made by hand. I would also be able to purchase new program and musical material for productions for all grade levels. Students love to perform on stage, and it teaches so many life skills along with musicianship.

    The fine arts are vital to a well-rounded, 21st Century child, and I would love to be able to take my students' education to the next level!

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  • K. Menard, Bryant Elementary School, Bryant, AR

    Help with Batteries

    I am a fifth grade teacher in a school with a high free and reduced lunch count. Several years ago, I participated in a program that gave me the opportunity to earn a class set of MacBooks. Today, those computers are the key to engaging my students in language arts. However, many of the computers' batteries have reached their battery life and are no longer useful. I need batteries to continue to engage my students in research, collaboration and creativity.
    My students create some wonderful writing projects. They are always so proud once their projects are published.

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  • C. Cameron, All Saints Episcopal School, Lubbock, Texas, TX

    Orff We Go!!!!

    I am a music teacher that uses a teaching method in my classroom called Orff-Schulwerk. In this method, we sing, move and play specialized "Orff " instruments to learn and understand musical concepts. Carl Orff created this music method of active learning in the 1940s. The grant money would be used to purchase xylophones, glockenspiels and drums for the students . Orff instruments have removable bars so that every child will experience success in playing. This method teaches the whole child because each child is engaged in active learning through movement and instrument playing.

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  • K. Loulias, Viewmont Elementary, Murray, UT

    5th Graders are ELECTRIFYING!

    My amazing 5th graders get to learn all about electricity. We would love batteries, bulbs, wires, small motors, switches and clips. We can't wait to see how everything works.

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  • M. Taylor , Buckner performing arts and science magnet, Wichita, KS

    Narrative literature and film

    Students value their work more when they can share it, and with today's technology students should be sharing their creations all the time! With a few classic iPods that have the ability to film, and a Mac Mini to bring these creations together, we can develop a film squad that captures creative learning moments, and allows us to share them with family and the community.

    Needs: iPod Touch (64GB) x 6 = $1,794
    2.6GHz Mac Mini (128GB) = $699
    Total: $2493

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  • H. Lundeen, Kohlberg Elementary School, El Paso, Texas, TX

    Why Johnny Won't Read?

    One serious issue facing education today is the loss of boys and their interest in reading. They often find themselves having every minute of every day planned for them. Library time is often the only time they have to choose for themselves. Boys in grades 1-5 need a say so in choosing the library books that are purchased…. What would be more fun for an elementary boy that to get to help the librarian choose the books that ALL boys in their school would read? A committee of boys from grades 1-5 (one student from each section per grade level) will meet with the librarian and use publisher catalogs to choose 200 to 250 books that would appeal to other boys. These NEW books would represent a variety of nonfiction genres: graphic novels, record books, instructions manuals, sports,cars, as well as fiction choices. Fiction books must also be of a variety of reading levels from picture books to full length novels. (Who's to say girls won't read these books, too!?)

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  • A. Venters, South Ward Elementary, Longview, TX

    Journey to the Center of Texas

    We would like to take our fourth graders on a field trip to Austin, Texas. During this "journey" to the center of Texas students will visit historical and political sites in the state capitol of Austin. This will include the capitol building, University of Texas, and The L.B.J. Presidential Library. Students will also make scientific discoveries during a visit to The Natural Caverns in Central Texas, as well as observe the Mexican Free Tailed bats on the Congress Avenue Bridge. On our "journey," students will calculate mileage for the distance from Longview to Austin. Students will also utilize map skills to navigate along the roadways as we travel to Central Texas. This "journey" will bring the TEKS to life and allow students to connect their classroom learning to this real life application of skills.

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  • H. Hughes, Ouachita Elementary, Donaldson, AR

    Help for our classroom

    I would like to by a set of chromebooks for our classroom. This would allow us to communicate with other students from around the world. It would help us achieve so much more in our classroom by incorporating technology in many of our lessons and activities. This would also allow us practice for the upcoming PARCC testing.

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  • T. King, Sheridan Elementary, Katy, Texas, TX

    Protect our Students

    Throughout the country security of our children is always in he forefront of everyone's mind. If my proposal were chosen I would like the installation of a fence placed around the perimeter of our playground. Our playground is at the back of the school building and not near busy streets, but it does back up to the parking lot. Often students are playing ball or running around the playground when buses or cars are present in the lot. We are also next to a middle school yard and I feel it is important to keep these 2 age groups separate during the instructional day. Our playground backs up to an open field and we frequently have strangers cutting through the playground or lingering during school hours. I think this would provide an added level of security for all of our children. I feel the use of the grant money in this manner would be more beneficial and would improve our community as well.
    Thank you.

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  • T. Ryan, Stewart Creek Elementary, Montgomery, TX

    Math Fact Multipliers

    I would use my grant money to purchase Flash Masters for my classroom students. Learning multiplication facts is very important. Students often are not getting help at home to practice their multiplication facts. The Flash Master would help give them that extra practice in class.

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  • A. Chapa, United South High, Laredo, TX

    Wacom Computer Graphic tablets

    This Grant, will allow the students in the Graphic Design and Illustration class, at United South's Global Business and Advanced Technology Magnet School, to have the opportunity of being able to use Graphics tablets, that use a natural way to create computer graphics, especially two-dimensional computer graphics to compete in the SkillsUSA competitions at the local, state and national levels.

    These accessories will allow students to be prepared to meet the computer designing contest head on. Utilizing the requested resources in conjunction with additional curriculum will enable students to acquire knowledge of the ever-changing demands and trends in today's job market. The resources necessary for the enhancement of this course include the following tablets and supplements. These accessories are designed to provide competitors with up-to-date technology to improve student skills required for today's printing, advertising, marketing and business enterprise fields of employment.

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  • Y. Slaughter, United SOuth High School, Laredo, TX

    Educator of a lifetime

    I have been in education for a few years. Being in a high school classroom at first can be a little scary. As an educator, you never know what kids are coming into your classroom and what attitudes they will have. I am a Speech and Oral Interpretation Teacher and with a last name like Slaughter, my students can be a little frightened even before entering my classroom. But soon enough they realize that I am not what they watch on a horror flix. I am more than that. As they enter my room I make them feel not as students but as people. I teach them that in this lifetime, they need to make the best of every minute and be grateful for every opportunity that is given to them. Learning and having a love for knowledge is a blessing that as high school students do not realize. Adolecence can be taken so lightly and yet some are so dramatic but when an educator understands and can relate to our adolecent children, our jobs are made. I am Blessed everyday!

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  • L. Perrich, Dos Rios, Evans, CO

    Sensory Garden

    The Sensory Garden located at the Poudre Learning Center is very special to me. It is a living garden theat touches all the senses when we plant flowers of all colors to vegetables, to herbs and plants that attract hummingbirds. It is a garden for children to learn, listen and play. A place where my students plant and learn about nature and a place they feel at home in as they learn about the importance of giving back to a community. The aspect of having children in touch with nature is the pure beauty of the project. Would like to replace plants, and flowers that were destroyed by the recent flooding last summer of the Poudre River. With the flood taking the nutrients from the soil, we have to rebuild and replant. With the help,of this grant we can do that. Soil, peat moss, mulch and an array of herbs will certainly bring the garden alive once again. Children and their families will,help sustain. Visually impaired signage will be added. the Sensory Garden is a place for all .

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  • T. Gonczarow, Southmont High School, Crawfordsville, IN

    Improving Data Collection with iPads and Vernier S

    The Southmont High School Science Department would like to purchase Vernier Sensors to use with iPads and Lab Quest 2 devices to collect and analyze data. The students can use the sensors to measure, record and graph lab data including temperature, pH, dissolved oxygen, carbon dioxide, conductivity, turbidity and many other types of data. Many colleges, universities and technical schools use Vernier sensors and interfaces for data collection. Our students will have a great advantage to have mastered the use of this equipment in high school. At the end of each science course the students will need to complete a lab practical test to demonstrate proficiency at using the sensors and Labquest 2 interfaces.

    Our students will have the tools to collect and analyze data and think like a real scientist. The data collected will free up class time and allow them to engage in higher order thinking skills, such as analysis, synthesis and evaluation.

    120 Votes
  • M. Kendall, Chicago High School for Agricultural Sciences, Chicago, IL

    Saddle Up for Special Olympics

    Last fall our school made history. We represented a Chicago school in the Special Olympic Equestrian games for the first time ever. Chicago High School for Agricultural Sciences is an incredible school set on a 72 acre farm within Chicago city limits. Through the Animal Science program, regular and special needs students can take part in our horsemanship program and learn riding, handling, care, and job skills. We have 4 hard-working, kind trail horses which bring light and joy into our student's lives on a daily basis.

    Our dream for the 2015 Special Olympic Equestrian competition is to prepare TRIPLE the number of athletes. Our athletes have weekly lessons and many competitions leading up to the games. They develop communication skills, responsibility, and physical strength while training. Every interested student deserves the opportunity to participate.

    This $2500 grant will provide additional safety equipment including helmets, boots, and modified saddles.

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  • L. Foley, Foster Elementary, Tampa, FL

    One "Wild" Ride!

    This field trip involves taking them outside of the classroom to the outdoors. Foster is a Title one school with limited funds for extracurricular activities or up-to-date computer equipment. Students will explore the animal-focused areas of the park and observe hippos, lions, and more during their hands-on zoo school experience. They will learn firsthand why a giraffe's tongue is dark, and why a zebra has stripes as they feed some of the animals residing at the park. To prepare for their adventure my students will conduct research on the endangered animals housed at Busch Gardens. The findings they discover will be compiled and made into an electronic book by the students for a school wide presentation. In order to conduct the research and prepare the books we will need to purchase 3 HP 15 Notebook computers for $1000. The remaining funds will cover the cost for 104 students to attend the Busch Gardens Zoo School. In all, this grant will reach over 435 students.

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  • D. Adema, Byron Center HIgh School, Byron Center, MI

    BC Hydroponics

    Byron Center High School is implementing a science course where students will experience working with proven hydroponic methods. Students are growing herbs, other leafy crops, tomatoes, cucumbers etc.. Students are managing two 500-gallon tanks of fish (tilapia) in a recirculation system designed to grow plants that utilize the waste from the fish. The goals of our program are: 1. To learn food productions techniques that can be applied in small or large-scale operations. 2. To enable students to monitor water quality and analyze cause and effect relationships in these growing systems. 3. To design and construct their own growing systems. Providing this unique learning experience requires resources. The success of these techniques hinges on close monitoring of water quality with chemical tests and utilizing probes measuring temperature, pH, dissolved oxygen and ammonia and nitrate levels. Recirculating pumps, lighting appropriate for plant growth and seed are also necessary items.

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  • A. Fleming, St. Patrick's School, Sparta, WI

    Becoming Chroma Key-Tech Savvy Learners

    Students in grades K-8 will plan, create, perform and video record original stories before an audience of their peers in front of a Belle Drape Chroma Key Blue / Green Screen Kit , which will allow for "chroma key green screen editing" during the editing process. Students will create original artwork using paper and crayon, which they will "slide behind" their video recorded performances using chroma editing, and collect all of their chroma-edited performances on a DVD. Students will do all of the video recording, computer work, and DVD mastering.

    Older students may pair with younger students to help them learn the process and promote good community service skills for the older students. These will be presented at a series of parent night events. Students will each get a copy of the DVD.

    94 Votes
  • R. Turner, O'Rourke Elementary, Mobile, AL

    Getting Ready for the Future

    Getting ready to take the state test and expected to answer open ended questions in a timed setting using a keyboard, I know in third grade I would have been terrified. We take our state tests on computers and students must have keyboarding skills to be successful.

    These students are hardworking, imaginative, and motivated to learn and excel. My students are eager to learn keyboarding skills to prepare them for our state tests that are now taken on a computer. Without practice on a keyboard, frustration will set in with the students.

    I teach at a Title 1 school. Funding cuts have been drastic over the past few years and there just is not enough money to supply my classroom with an "extra" computer. I have two student computers and 20 students – not a great ratio. My students are eager to learn and love to use the computer for researching, taking AR tests, practicing multiplication, and use keyboarding programs.

    92 Votes
  • C. Sheloski, Juniata Elementary School, DuBois, PA

    Building Model Rockets

    During our study of space and space exploration, I would like to have my students build their own model rockets. This project will give students a hands-on experience with not only science related topics, but also encourage them to utilize skills from other subject areas as well. Through science instruction, the students will gain a background on space, space exploration, and various scientific achievements as they relate to the solar system and beyond. Simple laws of physics will also be imbedded in the science instruction as they pertain to the project. The students will incorporate their reading skills during the building of the model rockets by understanding and following a set of directions. Math will be involved in the project when students are asked to find various measurements in the construction of their model rocket. The highlight of the project will be witnessing the students feeling of success when their rocket launches flawlessly and returns safely to the ground.

    86 Votes
  • C. Ferek, Turner Ashby High School, Bridgewater, VA

    Teen driving challenge with a golf cart

    The teen driving challenge proposal will purchase a used golf cart for our tenth grade students to practice their driving skills on our newly constructed biking course. We will supplement their driver education instruction by having the school resource officer utilize a golf cart to teach the proper hand position (8 and 4 o'clock), hand to hand steering, parking forward and backwards and how to maintain control of the vehicle on the driving course.

    Students will start riding their bicycles on the course and will progress to the golf cart and then after the class is over they will be eligible to take behind the wheel instruction in a motor vehicle. The problem solving skills and practical skills will transfer over once a student gets a learners permit.

    The golf cart allows students to practice steering, using the accelerator and brake and each participant will be required to buckle the seatbelt that will be installed on the golf cart.

    80 Votes
  • S. Hill, Lincoln Elementary School, Lincoln, AL

    Open the Door--Let's Explore!!!!!

    Have you ever heard the saying, all I need to know about life I learned from gardening? The students at LES are learning life skills by participating in an outdoor classroom experience. We want to expand our garden to provide hands-on activities. These activities consist of investigating animal habitats, constructing compost bins, and preserving water by using watersheds. Students will participate first-hand in butterfly metamorphosis and observe bluebird habitats anytime through a webcam via internet. This outdoor garden will reach a diverse group of students that will enhance the students' ability to think critically. It is much more than a garden it is a powerful learning tool that allows us to investigate the world around us. Students retain information longer and understand a concept better when they learn it through practical, hands-on activities. By providing a self-sustained garden habitat in our outdoor classroom, we will actively engage our students in their education.

    77 Votes
  • D. Oakley, Hebron Elementary, Evansville, IN

    Apple iPads for Oakleys Little Acorns

    Hello, my name is Denny Oakley, and I am a Special Education Teacher in a Moderate (Life Skills) K-5 classroom. Along with my two co-workers, we push our students both academically and socially with academics and life skills each school day. Our classroom dream proposal is to be able to receive the $2,500.00 Grant to purchase five iPad Air 2 iPads with chargers and sturdy protection cases to supplement the three units that we currently have in the classroom. This will allow each student to be able to work on his/her academic level while working individually or in a small group, and also at their own pace. I appreciate your time, and would ask you to become a classroom partner with us in helping our students reach their potential.

    69 Votes
  • B. Sperling, P.S.22, Staten Island, NY, NY

    New Desks for the Future

    I am a first grade teacher in the largest public school in Staten Island. We have state of the art technology-including smart boards in every classroom. Teachers in my school work very hard to engage and involve the students in learning and thriving through strong planning and implementation of lessons. My classroom is a busy hub of learning and questioning, solving problems and building upon solutions. With budget cuts in the schools, principals try to stretch the budget…but sometimes fall short due to unexpected situations beyond their control. I know new classroom furniture is on my school-to-do -list, but has not been able to be purchased as of yet. I have a classroom of 32 first graders. The chairs are mismatched and the wood is peeling or the legs are wobbly. Desks are different sizes and have peeled wood edges. I switch out furniture when I can or soften the edges with tape. I would appreciate anything that could be done to help the situation for future students.

    58 Votes
  • N. Lint, Mountain View Elementary, Haymarket, VA

    Using Engineering to spark and interest in writing

    Our school has recently made a shift to Science Technology Engineering Arts Math focus. I am seeking a classroom set of snap circuit kits, motors, batteries and other materials to support a design brief that I was introduced to a an Engineering conference that I recently attended. Students will work in collaborative teams to use the design process, snap circuits and a variety of other materials to construct their own amusement park ride. In addition to designing and engineering the moving ride, students will use communication skills to write a persuasive essay convincing their classmates to include their ride in an Amusement Park. The Snap Circuit Kits I am seeking contain 60 parts that can be assembled into 182 different projects, from a simple open-and-closed circuit and blinking lights.

    54 Votes
  • J. Cousineau, Solvay Middle School, Solvay, NY

    4th Graders Love Learning Library

    Nine and ten year old children are in a phase of reading ability where the literature options are exploding around them! They know about Junie B. Jones and Jack and Annie from the Magic Tree House series, but there is just so much more they are capable of reading but have not yet been exposed to. One of my favorite aspects of teaching is sharing my love and excitement about the traditional stories we all grew up with and constantly bringing in new authors and titles.

    Being in my fourth grade classroom for the majority of their hours in school, I would like to be able to surround my students with current, interesting, grade appropriate fiction and non-fiction texts of all genre. To create an environment which invites students, this proposal would fund the purchase of books as described above as well as a large carpet with bean bag chairs for children to relax upon when they go to the Independent Reading Center during English Language Arts instructional time.

    Thank you.

    49 Votes
  • S. Raymond, River Valley, Lemont, IL

    Creating a Makerspace for our Genius Time!

    Creating a space for students to find intrinsic motivation for learning by studying what they are passionate about. Students take ownership of their learning and create products to share with each other and the world. This will lead them to new, deeper questions that will encourage their creativity and imagination! They will become effective researchers, note takers, collaborators, investigators, and creators who will be challenged to new learning.
    The grant money will be used for items such as electric circuits, spheros for programming, rockets, soil testing samples, gardening supplies, books, sewing materials, knitting supplies, solar kits, cubelets, and other "Makerspace" items that only a 5th grade mind can imagine! With this grant I hope to be able to support students in the study of their passions as they look for answers, try to solve problems, and learn to understand the world around them better!
    Thanks for helping with our Makerspace!

    47 Votes
  • C. Schneid, Vermilion High School, Vermilion, OH

    Art - moving through technology

    I would like to propose to buy a Wacom Interactive Graphics Monitors and Digital Pen. Having this device will allow me to teach my students the skills needed to create 3D designs and sculptures. Students will be able to interact with a device that all art students should be familiar with and be prepared to use beyond high school. Having these devices will not only be used this school year, but for many years to come. This project would be an ongoing project that will be used for teaching students to build and master a new way of creating.

    This project is designed for the 21st century learner and bringing the newest advances in technology to the high school classroom. College level students are learning these skills to prepare them for real world jobs. With this project, I am able to prepare high school students for college level courses or perhaps a real world job straight out of high school. In my classroom I am always getting students to think critically beyond what they kn

    46 Votes
  • J. Pritts, Hutchinson, Nicely and Metzgar Elementary Schools, Greensburg, PA

    We Are Golden LIONS!

    Elementary Schools within the Greensburg Salem School District participate in School Wide Positive Behavior Support Programs. The administrators and teachers at these three schools believe that in order to obtain optimal student achievement (both academic and behavioral), a proactive system approach must be utilized for creating and maintaining a safe and effective learning environment. Our School-Wide Programs place an emphasis on the prevention of problem behavior, the development of pro-social skills and problem solving. Students are explicity taught the behaviors that they are expected to demonstrate in the classroom, cafeteria, hallways, bathrooms and on the bus. Elementary students are acknowledged for demonstrating appropriate behaviors and rewarded with a PAW sticker, written celebration (displayed and sent home) of a "You are a Golden LION" postcard and entry into a monthly drawing for GSSD prizes. We encourage our students to be "Golden LIONS" everyday!

    45 Votes
  • T. Parrish, Winstead Elementary, Wilson , NC

    Using Technology to Read

    As a literacy coach at a high poverty Title 1 school, my goal is to expose students to a variety of fun, enjoyable, and successful reading experiences. 100% of our students receive free breakfast and lunch. Our school is limited on technology advances. We have very old computers in a small computer lab for over 400 students. Text books are limited and many students live in homes that do not have books as part of their environment. My proposal is to provide IPads for students to use for research, projects, and inspire them to read. I feel that providing an opportunity for our students to use technology devices such as an IPad will provide a different approach to learning and will enhance their
    educational experience. So many of our students struggle with reading and I want to inspire students to read by providing them with a variety of resources. Thank you for supporting 21st century reading skills through literacy apps, reading apps, and online reading opportunities.

    40 Votes
  • J. Keigher, St. Anne Community High School, St. Anne, IL

    Twenty-first Century Learning Space

    Technology has changed the face of education around the world. In order to meet the needs of students embedded in today's digital culture, the face of learning in the classroom must change as well. However, simply adding technology to the classroom is not sufficient to address the needs of our twenty-first century learners. Learning spaces must be redesigned to accommodate the evolving needs of students and to enhance the quality of instruction.

    This grant would further transform my secondary English classroom into a twenty-first century learning environment reflective of the technology of tomorrow. My students would highly benefit from a twenty-first century learning environment that encourages interaction and collaboration with teachers, students, and the world around them. I greatly appreciate your consideration in support of the needs and aspirations of twenty-first century learners.

    37 Votes
  • D. Friend, Edgewood Elementary School, Anderson, IN

    Interactive Learning through Technology

    I work with a population of students who are primarily kinesthetic learners and are very motivated to learn through technology, especially when they are able to take charge of their own learning through technology. In order to foster greater student involvement with technology, I will utilize a Smart interactive projector to teach all subjects within my Kindergarten-2nd grade Moderate and Functional Skills special education classroom. Currently, student involvement varies based on the subject taught and the resources available. My students learn best when there is a variety of resources available to learn from in just one lesson. My long-term goal is to increase student involvement in all subjects, including science and social studies, which often get overlooked in a special education setting. My students will be able to demonstrate their learning through an interactive experience that will have more resources available to them beyond the limited physical resources of the classroom.

    36 Votes
  • M. Soukup, Byron Center High School, Byron Center, MI

    Friendship Friday

    Student Life & Leadership is a newly formed class at our high school. We exist to provide Byron Center High School students with the opportunity to become self-less student leaders by discovering, implementing and assessing intrinsic leadership traits that can be used to help shape the culture of BCHS. The students decided that our class goal should be BC = Be Connected – connect our district's schools. One SL&L student had already begun a movement called Friendship Friday. He enlisted the help of SL&L to take it to the next level. The movement is simple – spread simple acts of kindness each Friday, K-12. SL&L created simple business cards that have Friendship Friday on the front and 4 simple acts on the back. They travel to 6-12 buildings each Friday to spread kindness and to distribute the cards. K-4, they give students high fives as they walk to their busses. We would use this grant to continue to purchase cards, possibly shirts and posters to help spread Friendship Friday.

    32 Votes