Go on Tour with Farmers Insurance to Thank America’s Teachers

Through Thank America’s Teachers, Farmers will give away more than $1 million in 2015, and America will help us determine how to spend. Get started by sending a heartfelt thank you to an educator who has made a difference in your life.

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The $100,000 Dream Big Challenge is designed to inspire and motivate teachers to think beyond making progress in their individual classrooms. Farmers Insurance is giving six $100,000 grants to support those teachers ready and willing to truly transform their schools and their communities.

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Greetings from the Thank America's Teachers Tour

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To: C. Pluger west woodland elementary , Seattle, WA
Thanks for caring about our children!
From: T. Clark
To: Mrs. P. Coleman silverman washington, washington, PA
You are awesome! My son was new to your school More » You are awesome! My son was new to your school and you took him under your wing.you realized that he was behind all the others in earning money for school trip to D.C.. because he started in the middle of the year and you didn't hesitate to pay for some of the cost of that trip. Your selfishness act for this has made a lasting impression that good people still exists leaving an angel like you on the earth.God bless you!!
From: J. chadwick
To: Mrs. A. Hansen Tropica Middle School, Rosamond, CA
To: L. Lochean Avella High Shhool, Avella, PA
Thank you for your service in teaching our More » Thank you for your service in teaching our future, our children.
From: P. Lewis
To: Mrs. L. Lochran Avella High School, Avella, PA
Lori, you will never understand the impact you More » Lori, you will never understand the impact you had on my life. You were not only an amazing teacher, but an amazing friend as well!! It was an honor to be taught by you!! I will love you forever!! Thank you for being the amazing person that you are!! Tori ❤
From: T. Hamilton
To: Mrs. Miranda Mayfair High School, Lakewood, CA
Mrs. Miranda, Thanks for all you do for kids!
From: M. Burford
THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!
From: J. VOLPE
To: Mrs. L. LOCHRAN Avella High School, Avella, PA
She puts the young people first, always.
From: P. LYLE
To: Ms. E. Max Toomer Elementary, Atlanta, GA
Good Luck!
From: B. Braithwaite